Fans of Ovenly can now subscribe to their fresh baked goodness. Because we all need a steady stream of cake at our doors, right?

This week, Ovenly officially introduced a subscription-based Cake of the Month Club where they will release a new, never-before-tasted cake each month on their online store. The wide range of flavors includes items like Strawberry Basil ShortCake (the first cake, available now), Chocolate Banana Tahini, Campfire Cake, and more.

Ovenly has also curated special partnerships with some of their favorite value-aligned brands like Pineapple Collaborative and Seed + Mill for some of the cakes and will feature their signature ingredient in the limited edition cake flavor. 

Erica Schroeder

Like so many sweet treats, Ovenly’s cake club was born out of pandemic woes.

“In the last year, we’ve not only grown stronger as a company, but we’ve grown tighter as a community. When thinking of a way to show how much we appreciate our friends and loyal customers, we tuned in to hear what everyone has been craving and the consensus was MORE CAKE!” said Agatha Kulaga, Ovenly’s co-founder. “With a team of talented taste testers, cake designers, recipe developers, and brand partners, we’ve come up with our very own Cake Club to express all of the creativity we’ve been bursting at the seams to share and reach as many people as possible, both near and far. It’s been a wild year. Now it’s time to join the club, treat yourself, and enjoy some cake.” 


Despite the rough year and a half, in which Ovenly closed its baking studio on Franklin St, there have been many silver linings for the brand, according to Kulaga. “The fact that we celebrated our 10th anniversary during the pandemic and are still here is a reason to celebrate,” she said. “We have proven our resilience as a company and feel invigorated about the next year and beyond. Our incredible team is stronger than ever, our customers showed up with so much love and support through our most challenging times, and we have been able to develop even more meaningful partnerships and collaborations with value-aligned businesses.”

With extra time and space, Ovenly also built up its e-commerce business, and reissued its cookbook, thanks to home bakers falling in love with their ovens and cake pans more than ever before.

Next up: Ovenly will be open two new bakeshops, one in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan, and a store in JFK’s Terminal 5 later this year.

Anyone in the continental US can sign up for Ovenly’s Cake of the Month Club, which costs $72 per month, including shipping. Cakes will ship on the second Tuesday of every month starting in July and fans will need to sign up at least one week in advance of the ship date to receive the cake that month. The cakes can keep for up to two months in the freezer so can be saved for a future celebration or whenever someone is in need of a slice of joy.

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