Following a physical attack on Sunday, April 4 that resulted in injuries to a man and the death of his pet cat, the victims are seeking testimonies of witnesses of the event.

Two weeks ago, on Easter Sunday around 5 p.m., Greenpoint resident Chanan Aksornnan (aka Chef Bao Bao, owner of Baoburg) her boyfriend (who prefers not to publish his name), and their 4 pets were victims of an assault near the playground on Driggs Ave, and Lorimer St at McCarren Park.

The incident started when the family’s cat, @ponzucoolcat, was injured by a child the couple did not know, according to Chanan. Several adults seemingly connected to the child then physically injured Chanan, her partner, and their dog and bird, who usually accompany them to McCarren for daytime strolls.

“The family not only did not offer any apology nor remorse,” Chanan said. “They immediately began a verbal abuse which escalated into a physical assault. I got punched and kicked by three women.” Meanwhile, Chanan’s boyfriend was punched, his nose and glasses broke, and he required emergency surgery the following day. Ponzu succumbed to his injuries and died in the park.

Bystanders helped break up the incident, capturing photos and video that was later shared with the NYPD, when Chanan filed a police report following the attack. Now, the 94th Precinct is asking for testimonies from witnesses. Anyone with information regarding the attack can reach out to


“The emotional stress and a heartache from losing our beloved cat is tormenting us to this day,” Chanon said. “Our pets are traumatized too.”

So far, there have been no arrests linked to this case. “The incident is currently under investigation by the 94 Precinct Detective Squad. Anyone who may have witnessed the incident is asked to call the 94 Precinct Detective Squad, if they have not already done so,” Captain Kathleen E. Fahey, Commanding Officer of the 94th Precinct told Greenpointers.

Chanon and her partner are still looking for answers, and justice for their deceased pet. “We love our neighborhood and we never expected to become victims of such bizarre, awful act,” Chanon says. “But it happened and now we want justice to be served. Inaction is unacceptable. It is not okay to be assaulted. It is not okay to feel unsafe in own neighborhood. It is not okay to lose a pet, suffer physical and emotional injuries, and not be able to legally go after the offenders.”

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  1. Oh my God, I am so upset for you guys. There is so much anger and hatred these days. It makes you not want to leave your home. I hope they are caught.

  2. “The incident started when the family’s cat, @ponzucoolcat, was accidentally injured by a child the couple did not know”

    Accidentally? Yeah, right. That kid was raised bad and wanted to be bad.

  3. That boy did that on purposed. They just saw on some of the video clips that boy was stomping on her along with his no morals family too. Toxic tree could only provide toxic fruits.

  4. This, and all other Anti-Asian hate crimes, need to be taken to the FBI.

    Seriously fk the 94th precinct. They are useless with local rapes and assaults. You want them to handle this??? No chance.
    Any witnesses or anyone with footage needs to go straight to the FBI.

    They have a task force specifically for this and they will act. The 94th precinct will have to act because the FBI will MAKE THEM.

    And it will be counted as a hate crime… which is obviously wtf this is.

  5. What kind of people would do this to someone as a family?? These are complete degenerates! I hope someone identifies them.

  6. Why does this article say “accidentally injured” ? From what I’ve read the cat was thrown into the air by the child — that’s not an accident.

  7. The family’s faces are there for everyone to see. Why haven’t the police tracked them down? They’re likely from the neighborhood.

  8. It was caught on film. Arrest all of them! What is the hold up? Or is everyone at that precinct that incompetent? Also, she needs to dump her useless fianće. His old ass barely did anything while she was getting dragged and beat. He was more concerned with himself and the pet stroller.

  9. Yeah, this article is inaccurate. In a previous article on a different website, her friend said the kid pulled on the cats leash, then when the cat tried to run, he stepped on the leash, and the cat lost its claws trying to flee, and then the kid grabbed the leash and hurled the cat into the air. They say the cat had a heart attack after hitting the ground, and died. These low lifes should spend time in jail, and that kid needs to go to juvi (spelling)…. what scum. like someone else posted, take this to the FBI, its a hate crime, and they will make that cop station do some actual work (they wont do anything unless you force them to). Sorry for your loss.

  10. The little psychotic turd attacked their leashed cat. And the disgusting ugly women in the kid’s life said that’s what they get for walking a cat! And “That’s why you got no friends cause of those f*****g animals!” and then attacked her.

    Their kid attacked and ended up causing the death of their cat and that’s what the adults do?! These disgusting lowlives need to be punished. The kid stepped on the leash to make sure the cat couldn’t get away as he attacked it. Someone else’s cat, in public. This is messed up and we need the people to be brought to justice.

    The adults are fairly distinct looking and shouldn’t be hard to find again if they live in the area. The women need to be charged with a hate crime and the animal crime and the boy needs to be charged with animal abuse crimes. The parents of the boy should also get a negligence charge.


  11. The woman is nuts to take three animals out on the streets or even in the park. It’s not a normal thing to do. If a loose dog came along, she’d see them ripped to shreds. This is a story of violence in America and not racism. This story got much more attention as Asian Americans tagged it under their racism banner. There were no racist words exchanged during the fight from what I’ve read. Stop pushing lies about racism all the time.

    1. Nope. This woman has every right to walk her animals in a park and not be physically assaulted or have her animal killed.
      3 small leashed animals between two people is not ‘nuts’. If she and her boyfriend were walking 3 dogs instead, I doubt you would have said the same thing.
      Simply because you wouldn’t do it, does not mean it’s inappropriate or pathological.
      It’s not ok to take the blame away from the offender and somehow put it on a victim who did nothing wrong because you don’t like the larger social conversation happening around it.

    2. Why can’t people take their animals for a walk with them? They should not have to worry about loose dogs or a devil’s child. I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Loose dogs can rip up anyone’s dog while walking it and cats are often out and not even leashed so why is it bad to be out with a leashed cat. Are you trying to say no one should walk any type of pet? I’ve seen people walk with their parrots on their shoulder. Why shouldn’t they be able to? I have seen leashed cats before to and know people who walk their cats on a leash.

    3. Sorry Peter but rock are you living under? You said it’s not normal to take pets to the park. Are you kidding me. Who made you judge and jury? Pets are family period. It is absolutely fantastic that people want to include their pets in everyday life. Such a stupid comment.

  12. This is such a sad story!! Poor Ponzu! That kid and his psycho family should be charged with hate crimes all around! Along with animal abuse and assault! C’mon, NYPD, do better!!

  13. To all those who asks why is she walking her cat in the first place, you clearly do not own/ have pets of your own. If you are not a cat owner, you will not understand the reason to walk our cats. And secondly, the parents are very fucked up. If my child ever did this to any innocent animal, I will discipline my child because I know my child is wrong here. Sometimes children can be aggressive towards pets and it is our duty as parents to teach them kindness and how to be gentle. However, this horrible woman cannot be seen as a parent because a) she didn’t apologise for her son’s behaviour and b) she went on to beating the owner when confronted. Ask yourselves what does this behaviour mean for her child. If you cannot discipline your children then you should not be having/raising them. Children are our future and if parents are fucked up then I pray for our future. I hope they get what they deserve. If anyone killed my furbaby, believe me, I’m coming after your baby. So you can feel the pain of losing your child as well. And to those who say your pet is not your baby, please just do us all a favour and shut the fuck up. And never get pets of your own because you will only mistreat and abuse the innocent souls.

  14. Wow, I cannot believe the mother and the family of the child actually think this is acceptable behavior – that killing someone else’s pet is actually OK, regardless if taking a cat for a walk is strange or not. You don’t just kill someone else’s pet because you think it’s “weird”. This may not fall under an Asian hate crime, but I definitely think it falls under some sort of hate crime. First of all, the comments of the mother “you shouldn’t have taken a cat for a walk in the first place” comes from a place of hate. She’s basically saying – walking a cat is weird, therefore, I think you’re weird. I’m sure the mom/the family were making comments out loud prior to the boy taking action, influencing his choices and decision making. Although I feel sorry for the boy because he has a terrible mom and family, they should receive some sort of punishment. If the roles were reversed, I’m sure they would want that as well.

  15. Honestly NYPD better not be a disappointment an arrest that lady for animal cruelty abuse as well. The kid should get sent to juvenile hall for that abusive act. Not to mention her disgusting family members that basically made a human fort around the victim and the perpetrator so that this Evelyn psycho can keep hitting the victim without the intervention of bystanders. Seriously NYPD that’s embarrassing, the video is proof. If that happened in California there would be so many animal organizations pushing for their arrests. Plural arrests. The media needs to stop saying “boy” because he’s a preteen, 12, who should know better yet he acted as if he’s a toddler and doesn’t know how to navigate a park without tripping on animals or leashes.

  16. I was deeply saddened to hear about the terrible incident you and your pets experienced on that fateful Sunday in April. It is truly distressing to think that such a senseless act of violence occurred in your own neighborhood, a place where you should feel safe and protected.

    I want you to know that you have my full support during this difficult time. The loss of a beloved pet is heart-wrenching, and I can only imagine the emotional stress and anguish you both have been enduring since that day. Your pets, who were also traumatized, deserve to live in a peaceful environment without fear.

    It is essential that justice is served in this case. No one should have to endure verbal and physical abuse, and it is unacceptable that the individuals responsible have not faced the consequences of their actions. I commend your bravery in speaking out and seeking testimonies from witnesses. By sharing your story and providing evidence to the authorities, you are taking a significant step towards holding the offenders accountable.

    I encourage anyone who has information about the attack to come forward and support your pursuit of justice. Together, we can create a community that stands against violence and ensures the safety and well-being of its residents and their pets. Please know that you are not alone in this fight. The support of your neighbors and those who stand against such acts of aggression is behind you.

    I sincerely hope that the investigation progresses swiftly and leads to the identification and apprehension of the individuals responsible. May your deceased pet, Ponzu, rest in peace, and may you find solace in the cherished memories you shared with him. Remember, the strength of the community lies in its unity, and together, we can work towards a safer and more compassionate neighborhood.

    Wishing you strength and resilience in your pursuit of justice.

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