Asian hate is not tolerated in Greenpoint. It is all the more important right now to support Asian businesses and let these retailers know how much we appreciate their services to the neighborhood. Many of these establishments are staples of our daily Greenpoint lives – that grocery store you often pick up a six-pack from, that laundromat that dry cleans like a pro, the takeout spot that teleports your taste buds straight to China.

Here are five Asian-owned businesses you can support. When you stop by next, do take a moment to say hello, make conversation and let the owners and employees know they are not invisible in our community. 

JSS. Manhattan Fruit – 678 Manhattan Avenue

Mr and Mrs Sung have been running JSS. Manhattan Fruit for more than 40 years. This Korean grocery store is popular among locals. They carry fresh produce, your favorite late night snacks and any last minute cooking essentials. Don’t be a stranger, Mrs Sung looks forward to your hellos. 

Vivi Bubble Tea – 790 Manhattan Avenue

When you think Asian desserts, bubble tea is likely top three on your mental list. The team at Vivi Bubble Tea knows that you Greenpointers really love their Regular Bubble Milk Tea – a bestseller on the menu. They may be donned in all black, looking chic and cool. But the team is all warm and fuzzy, ready for your loving greetings.

Nathan’s Farm – 829 Manhattan Avenue

Nathan’s Farm is the relatively new kid on the block. Only been in business for just over a year, it is always bustling inside. The team never fails to offer spritely greetings and smiles, behind their masks of course. Nathan’s carry a good selection of Asian specialty items like enoki mushrooms and dashi miso paste, so you don’t have to make a trip all the way to Chinatown

Mama Pho – 685 Manhattan Avenue

The palettes behind Mama Pho belong to a Vietnamese couple. Mama Pho has been in business for two years and the restaurant is currently open for both indoor and outdoor dining. The most popular bowls are Papa Pho, Mama Pho and Hanoi Pho. Papa Pho has all the beef one could ask for – rib eye, tripe, beef meatball and beef shin, dressed with herbs, over a bed of rice noodles. Taste them all to find the perfect bowl – that’s neither too hot nor too cold, but just the right bowl ‘pho’ you.

Shanghai Lee Asian Cuisine – 157 Franklin Street

The owners of Shanghai Lee Asian Cuisine are immigrants from Fuzhou, China. They have been impressing locals with their culinary skills since 2008. Customers who welcome spice in their lives are known to order the General Tso’s Chicken. If you want to live on the sweeter side, try the Sesame Chicken. A hot insider tip: the crispy tofu is to write home about. You can have it tossed in their array of sauces – garlic, spicy, brown, hunan… Stop that drool and give them a call right away. Currently only available for pick up or delivery. 

There are many more Asian businesses in Greenpoint we can show love to. Drop us a comment below with your favorite Asian haunts and we might just feature them next!

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  1. Kim’s shoe repair on Messerole at Manhattan Ave (next to Paloma’s?) is owned by a very nice Korean couple. My husband and I both have had repairs done there for very reasonable costs. I got a pair of LL Bean boots that had frayed stitching fixed up for $20. No more leaking and good for however many more years! Check them out!

  2. Ash Box! I have been going to Ash box since I first came to Brooklyn in 2007-2008. Yoko has been my go-to for incredible handmade rolls and egg salad sandwich(I kid you not…living in Europe and Singapore I would dream of it)more importantly because of the good nature group of locals who routinely come here for her food and the tranquility that comes with having incredible Japanese comfort food. People have moved to other places throughout the world and still come back to visit Yoko when in town. If there is someone to do a feature on it would be Yoko and Ash Box in this forever changing Greenpoint.

  3. Agua de la Vida, nail salon …579 Lorimer St.
    Ping, the owner of the salon, is my tenant. She runs a clean, friendly, excellent salon. Very accommodating and professional.

  4. Really nice article about our local Asian businesses. I’ve been to 4 of those mentioned and there important to support throughout the year.
    Nice people and good food at reasonable prices

  5. Also, Wasabi at 638 Manhattan Ave, just off Nassau Avenue is a Sushi restaurant owned by Asians (Chinese). The fish is so fresh, you would think that they caught it in their backyard.

  6. Anna,
    This article was specifically about Asian businesses. And thank you Greenpointer for giving a shout out and showing community support! When helpless asian elderlies are getting punched and an entire race scapegoated for the pandemic, it’s knowing your neighbors care that means the most. By the way, also want to add that THE BEST PIEROGI in the world is at Pierozek.

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