The large illuminated G hanging above the intersection of Greenpoint and Manhattan avenues often signals the start of the winter holiday season, but this year, the festive display is in jeopardy. Typically underwritten by small businesses throughout Greenpoint, the Greenpoint holiday lights display may not raise enough money to fund the installation and electricity during 2020.

“Local businesses cannot afford to fund the Greenpoint Holiday Lights this year. This means that Manhattan Avenue will be dark this holiday season,” reads a dire warning on a recently-launched GoFundMe campaign to fundraise for the holiday lights. Greenpointers Bess White and Nektarios (Nick) Giannios started the campaign, knowing independent businesses are struggling to stay afloat, and may not have extra funds to donate this winter.

The holiday lights on Manhattan Avenue getting installed during winter 2019. (Photo: Aaron Simon)

The Greenpoint Holiday Lights GoFundMe has a goal of $20,000 to help ensure the lights will be well-funded, and family-owned businesses won’t have to overextend themselves financially. In the past, the display has cost over $35,000, all of which was funded by local businesses and independent donors, many of whom Nektarios, the owner of Greenpoint Floral (703 Manhattan Ave.), solicited himself.

“For the first time in the history of the Greenpoint Holiday Lights, we are reaching out to all members of the community for help. If enough individuals and families come together, we can make sure that our great neighborhood is the site of much-needed cheer for all to enjoy,” White and Giannios wrote. “Your donation, large or small, will help to turn the holiday lights back on.  We have the best neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City, and therefore the world! Let’s come together to bring some much-needed light to the darkness this winter.”

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