307 Kent Ave. rendering (via NY YIMBY/ S9 Architecture)

Two new mixed-use developments at 307 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg would require a special zoning change to construct retail, commercial, light manufacturing and medical office space, NY YIMBY reports.

Villain in Williamsburg  (via Google Maps)

The the live events space Villain currently occupies the lot and the zoning change is being sought by “307 Kent Avenue Associates.”

In 2018, the property was purchased by VICE as the media company moved into facilitating live events, but it’s not clear if VICE is involved in the proposed development.

307 Kent Ave. rendering (via NY YIMBY/ S9 Architecture)

According to NY YIMBY:

If the zoning amendments are approved, the building would comprise 9,000 square feet of retail area, a mix of commercial office space and light manufacturing area spanning 70,00 square feet, and 22,000 square feet of medical office space. Renderings also appear to reveal a large outdoor terrace area above the fifth floor.

Total square footage for this development will be approximately 101,000 square feet.

The amendments are also expected to spur the construction of a neighboring lot referred to as “Development Site 2.” The second building, also topping out at nine stories, will face Kent Avenue. Components include 55,000 square feet of office space, a 17,500-square-foot medical office, and 8,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.

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