You could say this gastropub knows its audience: with an additional 2,000 square feet to play with, Randolph Beer (104 S 4th St) relaunched its Williamsburg location adding shuffleboard tables, old-school video games, and a new outdoor space.

A leader in the nanobrewery movement (and the first to lay its roots in Williamsburg), Randoph Beer crafts an impressive number and diverse array of beers in-house. (You can thank beer savant and full-time brewer Flint Whistler for that.) Available beers range from Cucumber Pilsner with Elderflower & Tequila Barrel Spirals (a light, botanical brew that doesn’t taste at all briny) to a Pumpkin Spice Latte Stout (riffing on the PSLs we all deny we love) and a more classic Farmhouse (made with NYC honey and fresh hops).

Co-founder Dave Plate and co-owner Kyle Kensrue have also revamped the menu, adding vegetarian options (and their sustainable ingredients) to the list of many snacks. The BBQ jackfruit sliders are tangy and well-sauced, and the pecan-crusted ahi tuna skewers with grilled apple make for an unsuspectingly delicious pair.


Uniquely, the brewery lets you sample multiple beers in varying quantities so that visitors can experiment with their taste and commune with neighbors around the two dozen beers on tap (and at your fingertips). A chipped card lets you pour all night and cash out at the end for efficiency and ease while the nearby shuffleboards and video games engender a laid-back environment that neither feels overly techy or bro-y in its clientele.

True to its mission, this is a brewery for everyone: sample what you will, become more informed on beer (the staff is most helpful), and bond with friends. You’ll likely be here (or at one of the company’s other locations) for a birthday party in the near future anyway, so use it as the perfect excuse to sample new beers and finesse your palette.

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