The cleanup site (courtesy of DEC)

The environmental cleanup of toxins at part of the former American Manufacturing Company/Greenpoint Terminal site is slated to begin this month under the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation’s Brownfield Cleanup Program.

Remediation at 47- 53 West St. and 2 – 24 Oak St. will last approximately five months and includes excavation of historic fill, backfilling and construction and maintenance of an “impervious cover (e.g., concrete) or two feet of clean crushed stone,” according to the DEC fact sheet. A community air monitoring plan will also be implemented during the cleanup.

Some site history from the DEC:

The site is 3.98-acres and is bordered on the west by the East River, on the south by Former Consolidated Freightways (BCP Site No. C224191), on the east by West Street, and on the north by Noble Street. It is currently used for storage of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, granite, and flatbed trucks. The site was previously occupied by five separate buildings that were demolished by a fire in 2006. The only remaining structure is an approximately 1,400-square-foot concrete silo, which will remain in place after RAWP implementation. Historically, the site was used as a shipyard, a manufacturing facility, a mill, and the Greenpoint Terminal Corporation facility.

Rendering of 11-41 West St.

Renderings of mixed-use skyscrapers (two 40-story towers, one 32-stories, and another 22-stories) at 11-41 West St. were released last summer as YIMBY reports:


Permits for five buildings have been filed over the last few years under three different addresses. Interestingly, the rendering only shows four, all of which are depicted as having more floors than the permits declare. This could be an example of intentionally fictional illustrations to exaggerate the development for aesthetic reasons. It is also very possible that there is hope for the project to receive more air rights in the near future.

The four buildings in the rendering include two rising 40 floors, one 32 floors, and the last at 22 floors. Meanwhile, the permits for 65 Private Drive indicate two 33-story buildings rising 290 feet. Permits for 27 West Street are for a 19 and 14 story building rising 190 and 142 feet, and permits filed for 37 West Street show a 14-story building rising 211 feet.

The full development would yield just under 1 million square feet, with 700,000 square feet dedicated to residential use, 10,000 square feet for commercial use, and 7,160 square feet for unspecified communicate facility use. Over 700 apartments are expected to come from the project is fully built. Over 600 parking spaces will be created to accommodate for the demand from residents, retail, and community facility patrons.

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  1. 600 parking spaces is absolutely ridiculous. There needs to be incentives for not owning a car, or perhaps a penalty for owning, in a neighborhood with growing congestion.

  2. Thanks for publishing all this information! Wow, our waterfront is changing. Sometimes I dislike all the changes. But I respect that newcomers love moving to Greenpoint. I hear what Lee is saying about all the parking spaces. But we, as a small family, really like having a car. If I could pay to park it in this development, I probably would. We all know that parking has become more difficult in the past decade.

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