A series of stickers with anti-Semitic and hate speech were discovered along McGuinness Boulevard on Sunday morning by a Greenpoint couple who took photos and peeled the stickers before tipping off Greenpointers. The 94th Precinct has been notified and is investigating the spread of the stickers.

In 2018, New York City was the safest of all major U.S. cities as the murder rate declined to a historic low, but the NYPD documented over 350 hate crimes last year, an increase of approximately 5 percent from 2017. And hate crimes targeting Jewish people skyrocketed by 22 percent last year, according to the NY Times.

One troubling trend in 2018 was a rise in reported crimes motivated by bigotry. As of Dec. 23, hate crimes reported to the police rose 5 percent to 352 incidents. Reported crimes targeting black people because of their race increased by 33 percent, while anti-Semitic hate crimes rose 22 percent, the police said.

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  1. If you see stickers like this in the hood call the police department and speak with the Hate Crimes Unit so they can document and track it.

  2. Sadly, these musings are posted by those with mental illnesses whose brains are wired for default emotions of anger and hatred. It is likely one individual who received bad toilet training at age 2, and it won’t be difficult for NYPD to track them down.

  3. I grew up in Greenpoint on Russell street, the neighborhood was clean and any ethnic people were welcomed, with all it’s growth happening
    it makes me sad to this type of hate has reached my home town.

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