Unfriendly Williamsburg Neighbor Leaving Food That’s Poisonous to Dogs on Sidewalk

The Combination of Pepper Flakes and Lemon Peel can be harmful to dogs, and has been left on Skillman Ave.

Take care, Greenpoint pet owners! An anonymous Greenpoint resident alerted the 94th precinct this week that a neighbor has been purposefully leaving food that is poisonous to dogs on Skillman Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and Leonard St.

The potentially poisonous ingredients, pepper flakes and lemon peel, may be innocuous on their own, but taken together can make dogs ill. 

The pepper and peels have been spotted in the mulched tree-beds along Skillman Avenue, adjacent to the sidewalk. The tipster told the NYPD that the person behind the harmful foods does not like dogs, and has been known to harass dog owners by taking photos of them.

Since this falls way outside the range of neighborly pet etiquette, Greenpointers offers this reminder:

Owners: pick up after your dogs, keep them leashed and be respectful of your neighbors.
Non dog-owners: don’t try to poison dogs. That’s not cool.

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Lucie Levine is the founder of Archive on Parade, a local tour and event company that aims to take New York’s fascinating history out of the archives and into the streets. She’s a Native New Yorker, licensed New York City tour guide, and freelance writer with a passion for the city’s social, political and cultural history.


  1. Big Ant says:

    Baker act that crackpot

  2. Megan says:

    Just spotted this in front of 591 Leonard as well (between Norman and Nassua).


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