Anella, after the fire. Photo: Megan Penmann

Some of you may have heard about local favorite Anella (222 Franklin Street) having closed indefinitely over the weekend, due to a fire that raged through the space. The damage appears to have been worse on the left side of the double-aisled restaurant. The charming neighborhood joint opened nearly ten years ago in 2009, with a romantic outdoor space where they grow their own herbs. The restaurant had a hand-warn charm that always felt authentic. It was partitioned in a quirky way, yet it was a beautiful space; and with low lighting and a lack of pop art wall decals or any of the neon that’s so millenial-trendy these days it was never designed for the influencer crowd.

Anella has never faked it. And the food through the years has remained on point—whether it’s the classic burger, the french toast at brunch, or the warm popover bread, Anella nailed New American comfort dishes without being too heavy handed or pretentious. Local well wishers and fans have already started posting get-well-soon notes to the front of the restaurant—here’s hoping for a speedy recovery! The neighborhood will miss you in the meantime.

We reached out to Anella and owner Blair Papagni told us this:

We opened Anella in May of 2009 and have been blessed with an amazing staff and loyal (and hungry) regulars. We love Greenpoint and are devastated to have to close. Our priority right now is to find temporary employment for our entire staff and to get back open as soon as possible. Thank you to all who have expressed concern and offered their help, it’s deeply appreciated.

A note posted to the front of Anella from “Residents of Greenpoint”. Photo: Megan Penmann
Inside Anella, after the fire. Photo: Megan Penmann
Anella interior, before the fire. Photo via Anella
Anella’s interior before the fire. Photo via Anella


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