Carolyn Maloney Wins Democratic Primary Election


Rep. Carolyn Maloney

New York got out the vote yesterday, and here in the 12th district, which includes Greenpoint, Williamsburg, a large swath of the East Side of Manhattan, and parts of Queens, Carolyn Maloney defended her seat in the democratic primary against political newcomer Suraj Patel.

Maloney nabbed nearly 60% of the vote throughout the district, running with the endorsement of the New York Democratic Establishment, but Patel, a former Obama campaign staffer who ran to her left, picked up 66% of the vote in North Brooklyn.

Maloney has already served 13 terms in the House of Representatives. She will face Republican candidate Eliot Rabin during the Congressional election in November. You can find out more about Maloney’s platform here, and more about Rabin’s here.

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  1. paul says:

    She got lucky. I am not making a statement one way or another re her. I don’t know much about her.

    Usually when senior dems get primary opponents in NYC they beat the other guy 90-10%. I believe her yes vote was 60-40 and she lost the No. Bklyn part of her area by app. 66-34.

    Crowley her male colleague in Queens was not as lucky losing 60-40 to a much younger upstart.

    The point being, whether good or bad, eventually people want new blood.


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