Guest Chef Hiroki Odo from the Michelin-starred Kajitsu with Salt+Charcoal’s Chef Tadaaki Ishizaki

Al fresco dining, light but filling fare, and a quieter pocket of Williamsburg: Salt+Charcoal offers it all with flare and flavors aplenty. Located on the corner of Bedford and Grand, this Japanese steakhouse is mercifully out of the weeds of the hectic Bedford Ave L Train buzz. (But at a healthy six-blocks distance, you can still feel part of the action.) And don’t let the steakhouse classification deter you: the vibe is smart-casual even as the attentive service uplifts it.

Salt+Charcoal serves Asian “temple” or “monk’s” food, which has recently been gaining notoriety— see the Chef’s Table episode on it — but in actuality, this shojin style is the foundation of all Japanese cuisine, and the purest form of Kaiseki-style dining.

Come Tuesday June 26, the restaurant is offering a one-of-a-kind experience that paradoxically bridges the world of shojin with that of Japanese dry-aged beef in a harmonious nine-course tasting event. 

A photo of Salt+Charcoal’s exterior taken from their Instagram account

Guest Chef Hiroki Odo, who comes from the Michelin-starred Kajitsu and Tokyo’s legendary Yakumo Saryo, has paired up with Salt+Charcoal’s chef Tadaaki Ishizaki to create a unique menu borrowing the best flavors and techniques from both ends of the spectrum of Japanese cuisine. It is a preview of sorts for a new Flatiron restaurant Odo will be opening this fall that marries his shojin training with a wide range of seasonal ingredients, including meat and seafood. Experience his unique culinary flair before he hops boroughs!


The light beefs, bone-broth’d ramen, and aged, tasty, unsalty steak (which aged for 50 days) create a perfect summer alchemy, with multiple sakes on the drinks menu to balance the nine-course meal. See below for the full tasting menu with portioned samplers that range from soup and sashimi to a delicacy beef tongue and monaka ice cream sandwich (not served at the same time, of course).

To join on Tuesday, tickets for the nine-course meal are $150 and reservations can be made by calling 718-782-2087 or emailing To see more culinary offerings, visit the local restaurant’s sumptuous Instagram.

Salt+Charcoal will offer this tasting menu exclusively on Tuesday, June 26

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