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What: A Tribute to Tony
When: Monday  June 18th | 6p-12am
Where: Magick City | 37 Box Street
Prepare a dish inspired by Anthony Bourdain and Magick City will screen the episode of his show featuring that dish. Collaborative cooking encouraged, all are welcome.
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via Magic City on Instagram:
To everyone who met or knew or admired or reviled Anthony Bourdain, his influence, voice, bravery, humor, deliberateness, and worldliness undeniably revealed a universe of food and culture and hope and suffering to millions. We are mourning with you, my dear.
On Monday 6/18 starting at 6p you’re invited to gather here at MC and prepare the dish he inspired you to scour the world to find and we’ll screen the episode containing that dish. We’ll cook collaboratively as he inspired us to do, sharing ingredients, techniques, and love and condolences.
If you’re interested in attending, please register through link in bio. Feel free to donate a few bucks to cover food costs or not. All are welcome. If you’d like to propose a dish, please DM me.


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