New Special Waste Site Makes Greenpoint Undisputed Center of NYC Waste Management

Via @NYCSanitation

Greenpoint is already home to the largest wastewater management plant in New York City. In a few weeks, we’ll be adding yet another jewel to our waste-management crown. On June 9th, the Department of Sanitation will open a special waste site at 459 North Henry Street. The city maintained a similar facility in Bensonhurst, but as that location closes June 2nd, and operations move to Greenpoint, we can claim undisputed bragging rights as the center of NYC waste management!

The special waste site is unique in Brooklyn, and one of just 5 in New York City (each borough gets one). At the site, you can drop off items that can’t be put in regular trash, like electronics, batteries, motor oil, fluorescent light bulbs, and passenger car tires. The site will only cater to residents, and will not accept special waste from commercial enterprises or drivers.

The site will have a special pick-up service to collect electronics once a week, and other special disposables once a month. The site will also have open drop-off hours 10am-5pm every Saturday, and the last Friday of every month.

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