Le Fanfare at 1103 Manhattan Avenue

Order the Myrtle-scented pork ribs. Yes, this post is about Le Fanfare’s (1103 Manhattan Ave) irresistible $10 pasta special, but you won’t be dissatisfied if you veer onto the main menu and indulge in the ribs. Served over a bed of organic polenta and topped with fresh greens, this entrée slides off the bone and — I swear — doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. Were the bones pre-lubed, or is it some other culinary magic? Greenpoint may never know.

But anyway — back to the pasta. Le Fanfare, the charming Italian gem between Clay and Dupont on Manhattan Avenue, has recently launched irresistible pasta specials. Every Monday through Wednesday, Le Fanfare serves three off-menu pasta specials for $10 a dish.

And dish I will — they’re good. I shared the spaghetti alla cabronara: not too heavy for a cheesier dish, and cooked most certainly al dente. The goal of this new weekly initiative is to bring people from the neighborhood in to the restaurant to enjoy traditional, Sardinian-inspired dishes on otherwise quieter nights.

The bar at Le Fanfare

The $10 plate is also a sizable portion — coupled with an appetizer to share, guests will feel more than satiated. (I’d suggest the burrata — even creamier than the spaghetti, and served with a side of a cooked squash whose crunchiness neatly juxtaposed the cheese’s soft center.)

Le Fanfare also boasts a well-stocked bar, craft cocktails, and even a solo mic in the back corner. No chanteuse was present at my meal, but the evening air provided enough ambient noise. (Dine al fresco if you’re able — there’s only a few spots available out back.)


Take advantage now that the good weather has come, and if you’re craving more temptations, dare to visit the local restaurant’s Instagram.

Le Fanfare is open every day for dinner and for brunch on weekends

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