Screenshots from “When You See Him (Mellow Traveler)”

It’s time for some chill vibes. Williamsburg dreampop band Glass Valley is here to help you get into the groove. If you’re looking for some dreamy-meets-poignant tunes, then check these tunes. Glass Valley’s latest video release for the song, “When You See Him (Mellow Traveler)” serves up a lush, introspective feel. With vintage influences and an eye for keen observation, the video was shot in La Paz, Bolivia with Bolivian actors by director Erix Antoine.

This is the first video by the band that’s not produced or filmed in North Brooklyn. The album’s narrative follows an enigmatic, seemingly ageless man. With themes of mystery, experience, identity, and age itself, it’s natural of the videos to chronicle experience under the lens of varied locations and actors.

As for the album’s protagonist, Lionel Vincent (Glass Valley’s creator) says the ageless man is indeed mortal, but has a bit of a Dorian Gray youthfulness. It’s a provocative and interesting concept – what could we do, or what would we dream of, if we knew we’d look young our entire lives? Would it make a difference? Or would it make all the difference? Dream on that.

Check out the video now:


Directed by Erix Antoine
Cinematography and Editing by Jac Avila
Produced by Pachamama Films

Glass Valley’s debut album An Intimate Man is available on iTunesSpotify and Bandcamp.

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