Did you know about the ultra-sleek and stylish sneaker shop, Circle3.nyc on West Street? Well, we’re letting you in on a little secret. This boutique (67 West Street) is a must-shop for all sneakerheads. With metropolitan-ready styles, these sneakers are ready to pound the pavement or take a leisurely, city stroll. Plus, some of the line is made-to-order right in New York. The rest of the line is manufactured in Spain.

Want to know more? Read up on Circle3.nyc after the jump and check out some of our favorite sneaker styles for ladies and fellas.

So what’s up with these cool and hip sneaks, you ask? Circle3.nyc is the brainchild of Takako, a dynamic Greenpoint resident, shoe designer, creative, and a mom. She’s been living in Greenpoint since 2015 and has been loving it ever since. Takako has been a shoe designer for over 20 years and comes from a designing family, she’s the third generation in a line of shoe designers. She’s created epic products in Japan, Spain, and now, New York.


Takako’s attention to detail and intuitive design shows with streamlined silhouettes and an aesthetic that is just as dope and it is functional for daily wear.

Besides looking good, Circle3.nyc also operates with a sense of affordable luxury. The shop runs a direct sales concept that focuses on a three point relationship: the designer, the consumer, and the shoe factory. There’s no middle man, which dramatically cuts costs.

So, if you’re on the market for a new pair of sneakers, looking for something locally designed and crafted, and want to look like a badass, add Circle3.nyc to your radar. Here are some of our favorite styles made right in NYC (and abroad!):

1. Moonbeam, $395

2. XXXOOO, $395

3. Fosse, $240 (made in Spain)

4. Tigret (low cut), $290 (made in Spain)

67 West Street, 1st floor
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