Winter is upon us, and your will to run in the McCarren Park track or over the Pulaski Bridge is probably at an all-time low. And, you might not want to brave the overcrowded G train to hit the latest fitness hotspot. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to keep fit right in our neighborhood.

So, we checked out several of the hottest yoga and pilates studios around the hood and no surprise here, there’s quite a few options to feel the burn sans boredom. If you are looking for a serious sweat session or a low impact workout, we’ve got you covered.

We rounded up some studios that will help you work off an extra slice of Ovenly cake or all of that holiday booze.

1. CorePower Yoga (159 North 4th Street)


CorePower Yoga was founded in Colorado in 2002 and became the largest chain of yoga studios in the United States. This past October, the yoga studio opened a new location Williamsburg. It’s already a with the locals and a dedicated crew that trek from Manhattan to take classes with their favorite instructors.

There are four levels of classes you can take: CPY-1, CPY-2, Hot Power Fusion, and CPY-Sculpt. All of the offered classes follow a similar flow, however depending on your level of practice there are always suggested modifications. No matter which class you decide to book, you will sweat and you will want to come back again, again, and again. The studio also offers an amazing free week of classes for new students, which gives yogis and all the chance to test out various classes and practices. The Williamsburg location ran several special classes and events such as”Spooky Sculpt” around Halloween and a donation class on Thanksgiving. The community is flourishing and bright and is the perfect place to escape and get your sweat on. Sweat level: 10.

Check out CorePower Yoga Williamsburg classes and events on Facebook.

2. Lucent Yoga (172 Norman Avenue)

Lucent Yoga is a Vinyasa studio right in the mix of historic Norman Avenue. The classes offered are described as “sweaty and smart” and there really is no better way of describing them. The yoga sanctuary is cozy and tasteful with white-brick walls, dainty incense, and hanging decor. The intimacy of the classes bring on the sweaty fun, whether its a classic Lucent Yoga class or Pilates session every Tuesday and Thursday with Patricia Pinto. You will definitely break a sweat in any of these classes, however the room temperature is not ramped up like a hot yoga class. Most of the heat you feel and sweat that beads down your forehead will be from your work on your mat and the body heat building with your classmates. Sweat level: 7.

Learn more about Lucent Yoga here.

3. YO BK (20 Broadway)

On Halloween 2015, YO BK opened up its doors on the floor of a 1920s loft building. If you are the kind of person that needs to sweat to know that you got a killer-workout in, YO BK is your place. There are several classes offered, from Baptiste Hot Power Yoga, Inferno Pilates, Bikram Yoga to Advanced Yoga. The classes each follow a traditional Bikram method which is known as the “original hot yoga.” The Bikram method consists of 26 postures which depending on the person may be modified or advanced. The hot pilates class is perfect if you are feeling the wind from the East River and painfully cold strolling down Broadway. The class holds up to 35 people but spots often fill up quickly. The lights are turned low and the music blasts loud, in a lot of ways it’s a giant loft party just with a healthy serving of sweat rather than punch. Sweat level: 10.

Get more info on YO BK here.

4. Pure Barre (225 Franklin Street)

Pure Barre, like CorePower Yoga takes the cake for being the largest franchise of its kind in the United States. There are over 460 studios in the U.S. and Canada, and each month more locations are being added. You can find Pure Barre on a the dreamy Franklin Street. Since 2015, this location has become a perfect outlet for locals looking to get their heart pumping and give their booty a burn. The practice is a full-body workout and low-impact meaning in just one hour you will fire up muscles you didn’t even know existed all while protecting your knees. There are two different classes you can take: the signature Pure Barre class or the Pure Barre Empower which is a high-intensity full-body workout that incorporates cardio bursts and weights. If you are looking for complete toning and that ballerina-bod, get your sweat on at Pure Barre. The Empower class is cardio heavy which will surely get you sweating in just a few minutes of the class. Sweat level: 7-8.

Get class info on Pure Barre Greenpoint here.

5. Zalla Pilates (37 Greenpoint Avenue)

Jessie Zalla founded Zalla Pilates after teaching pilates, anatomy, and dance for over 18 years. Her practice is deeply rooted from her knowledge and practice anatomy and experience as a professional dancer. The location on Greenpoint Avenue is tucked away near the water, however once found it is one of the best hidden-gems in the area. Pilates won’t pour out the sweat like a hot yoga class, but it will take your through a full-body transformation in your posture, strength, and breath. For someone who has never used a reformer, the machines can seem intimidating, however Jessie curates her class to all levels and the practice is smart and safe. Pilates at Zalla is a calming, fluid experience: the movements teach your body how to power within itself. This is the kind of class and studio that you can commit to each morning and roll into work after with a fresh face and improved posture. While the sweat level may not be through the roof, that is far from telling of its benefits. Sweat Level: 5.

Learn more about Zalla Pilates here.

6. Usha Veda Yoga (1006 Manhattan Avenue)

In 2010, Usha Veda Yoga came to Manhattan Avenue  and has been a favorite studio to many residents in Northern Greenpoint since. The studio prides itself on community; helping those near and far reach well-being, healing, and joy. How can you not love that? Usha Veda welcomes all levels through its doors and offers a wide-range of classes from Vinyasa Flow, Express Vinyasa, to more restorative practices. The studio is kept a comfortable temperature and as the flow of practice begins the sweat will most certainly come. This isn’t a hot yoga practice, but it is the kind of sweat you can feel good about and probably get away with going to work or the grocery store afterwards and not having the person next to you hold their nose. There is something to be said for the small business studios that are sprinkled throughout Greenpoint, and Usha Veda in its seven years along the ever-so-happening Manhattan Ave is your perfect feel-good studio. Sweat level: 6.

Get class info, services, and more from Usha Veda Yoga here.

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