New York City (Flying) Football Club? via Twitter

With the Yankees and the Mets out of the postseason this year, it might seem that all’s quiet on the New York Sports front. Not so. It turns out the New York City Football Club (NYCFC), New York’s hometown soccer team, is looking for stadium space within the 5 boroughs. One rendering which has circulated among the team’s fans proposes a stadium suspended over Newtown Creek, with space for vessels to pass underneath. Is the Brooklyn-Queens border ready for flying, floating football? 

It’s unclear if flying football in our neighborhood is any more than a pipe dream, but it is certain that fists were flying on the G train last Friday. Gothamist reported that a woman brutally attacked a fellow rider who bumped into her on the G train at Metropolitan Avenue.

While there might have been blows on the G, there was blood on the L. On Monday, a straphanger caught a video of bloody bandages strewn across an empty L train car.

All this is to say that it’s been a rough week on the subway, but according to a new study, it’s been even worse on the platform. The New York Post reported that New Yorkers have lost a combined 35,000 hours every weekday morning for a year, waiting on the platform for delayed trains!

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