Palermo Body founder Jessica Morelli

Palermo Body is a collection of truly natural skin care products made by hand in small batches by founder Jessica Morelli. Each product is consciously formulated by choosing every ingredient with purpose, and mindfulness of its benefits to your skin and effect on the environment. And it’s all made and packaged with attention and style in Williamsburg.

GP: How was Palermo Body born?

Jessica: Palermo was born out of my love for creating and the desire to have natural skincare options that are luxurious yet fit seamlessly into my daily routine. The concept of completely natural products was important to me because of the holistic values my Grandmother instilled in me as a child so to honor her I decided to name the brand Palermo Body, after where she was from in Sicily.

GP: What does wellness mean to you?


Jessica: To me, wellness is a mentality. Holistic health is not just one thing (diet, skincare, exercise, etc.)—it’s the whole package and it starts with your frame of mind. Mental health is something I find ties into every aspect of my wellness and if I’m not keeping up with everything else, it suffers. Whether in the form of lack of sleep or having moments of depression. I feel healthiest when I am balancing all aspects of my wellness and that is when I am able to see myself growing as an individual.


GP: What’s your morning and nightly beauty routine?

Jessica: Mornings are pretty minimal. Splash water on my face, few spritzes of our Hydrating Facial Toner, follow with our Regenerative Facial Serum, apply SPF and that’s it. Occasionally I’ll cleanse in the morning with our Vitamin C Mask in what I like to call my Minute Mask.  

Evening is when I take the time for a treatment. First I cleanse with one of our gentle bar soaps then a couple nights a week I’ll opt in for either a 15 min mask again with our Vitamin C Mask or our Botanical Facial Steam or both. Then follow with the same toner and serum application from our collection.

GP: Five things you’re loving right now…

Jessica: Kale smoothies, Waking up early, Going to bed early (I’m naturally a night owl so changing this has become a priority of mine lately), Poke Bowls, The long summer days

GP: How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Jessica: I certainly try. As an Italian American, I grew up eating a lot of delicious food so I have a strong affinity to indulgent cuisine. However, on a daily basis I focus my consumption to food that is nourishing and will provide my body with what I need to thrive.  

GP: Best advice you’ve ever received…

Jessica; First you crawl, then you walk, then you run – given by my Grandfather.

GP: Advice you’d give your younger self…

Jessica: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

GP: Advice to women being hard on themselves when looking in the mirror in the morning…

Jessica: The things you may see as flaws are what make you truly unique. We’re all our harshest critic, try to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you. Loving yourself fully is a journey, and it’s one worth taking.


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