The 5th annual Bad Film Fest, happening at art space Cloud City (85 N 1st St) on May 19-21, celebrates the dark horses of cinema and gives aspiring filmmakers of all ages and skill levels a chance to share their most absurd and experimental films, whether in the form of a “Cops”-inspired mockumentary, absurdist sci-fi or a heartfelt drama. Films to be screened include “My Ass Is Bleeding 2,” “Scumbags From Outer Space,” “Meatloaf Zombies,” and “Still Shaving After All These Beers.”

Tickets are $8, and a full schedule, with different films screening each night, can be seen here.

“Bad can mean a lot of things… a film that revolts against mainstream sensibilities could be labelled “bad”. Or maybe it’s just very-low budget, creatively cuts a lot of corners, poorly acted yet still a lot of fun. What you might think is bad might be amazing to someone else,” says the film’s co-founder Starr Kendall in a press release. “Hopefully Bad Film Fest can supply just a few needed moments of fun, nonsense and catharsis,” the fest’s other co-founder Shawn Wickens points out.

“Cans of Evil,” screening at the Bad Film Fest on Sunday May 21st.

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