Hey, Greenpointers! Are you thinking of learning a new skill or making some awesome art? Why not do both of these fantastic things at once?

Kingsland Printing is teaming up with the designer Dusen Dusen to teach a textile screen printing class. So, expand your creative brain and make somethin’ beautiful for yourself, your bestie, or maybe even your lover. 😉

You’ll learn how to create a repeat pattern and screen print your own fabric. You’ll walk out of the class with five yards of screen printed fabric. Turn it into something for your walls or your bod. Pretty cool, huh?


The first class starts 4/22, from 12-6 pm. If you can’t make that date, sign up for the second session on April 29th, from 12-6 pm. Class price is $480. Get more info here.

Kingsland Printing | 252 Green Street #2R

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