My darling Greenpointers, I’m so psyched to introduce you all to one of our featured artisans at this Sunday’s market. Elisa Jimenez is an artist and designer with influences on mythology, mysticism, and other magical elements. Her dreamy-meets-sultry-but-powerful creations have been seen on the likes of Courtney Love, Cindy Sherman, Jennifer Connelly, and Melissa Auf Der Maur.

Elisa designed that tank for Courtney Love. Teenage me was majorly obsessed in the 90s.

And, now you can score your own ah-mazing spontaneous couture dress. Read more for some vibrant details on Elisa’s creations, her influences, and her magnificent energy.


When you stop by the market this Sunday, check out Elisa’s table and get yourself a one-of-a-kind magical-inspired dress for $200. Her designs have an intuitive sense, almost empathic. So if you’re looking to channel your inner warrior-goddess, Elisa is totally your vibe. These clothes are about self-identity exploration. There’s meaning behind Elisa’s clothes – the passion and spirit of the person she’s designing for, but also a sense of emotions that resonates in the wearer.

GP: What’s your process like for designing an on-the-spot custom couture dress?

Elisa: In truth, the actual process is that I meet with a client at a cafe (often the “office” of Starbucks), we will go over their desired piece and I will sketch it up a bit. We then go to one of my five favorite fabric stores and my clients purchase their desired fabric. Then, we go to a location and I make their piece. I draw while talking and visiting, in addition to listening and sometimes problem solving.  I then bless the piece with a special oil which I have mixed especially for that piece or period of time. I do so enjoy the ritual intimate transformative manifestation process of one of a kind creation couture.

I intune an almost gesture like exterior in a “haiku” of a cut; often creating what has become known as an Elisa/Hunger World (TM) “signature one seam dressing.”

GP: Where do you get your inspiration from? Is it easy to think fast on your feet?

Elisa: Most of my inspiration for my dressing & design desires were heavily influenced by my first exposure to Erte, Greek & Roman Art, the fairytale aesthetic of Edmund Dulac & Arthur Rackham, Arthurian/Medieval aesthetic, Jean Cocteau, the Apache, Zuni & Navajo from where I was raised, 70’s Halston, Madame Gres, Aubrey Beardsly, Alchemy, The Pre-Raphaelites, and Lucy Lippard’s iconic work “From The Center.”

GP: I love how you combine performance art and fashion design. How does that influence your couture work?

Elisa: I adore that you asked about my combination of performance art & couture.  It was a gradual evolution from my research of sacred and ritual theater and action combined with my performative components of my/the marionettes and The Hunger World (TM).

The Hunger World (TM) is a pseudo-ficticious  world manifested via marionettes ranging from two inch to 30 ft  drawings, paintings, installation, sculpture, writing, photography, performance, and fashion.

The performative nature of my art, self and creation of couture is influenced by my conscious intent and imbibing of all action being pure of intent and clean I’m it connection with the wearer: love self/self love.

GP: We have quite a few readers who love all things mystical – do you have any tips for cleansing and/or adding intention to your new or vintage pieces? Or, say, setting intentions/energy around your favorite power outfit/date night look?

Elisa: I create and dress with intent and hold conscious symbolic “magic” and lifestyle in a high frequency if white light manifestation. Dressing for your heart. Confidence and crushing on yourself is incredibly empowering and can assist you in your daily well being and manifestation.

When you acquire vintage pieces and or and also pieces from even a close friend. It is lovely and energetically helpfully to cleanse with either smoke or scented spritz.

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