If you plan on adding to your bauble collection this Spring, then you need to head to Brooklyn Charm (145 Bedford Avenue).

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This shop is one of Williamsburg’s best kept secrets because you can design a piece of costume jewelry that is totally you, or score something readymade. Pretty cool, huh? If you’re in the mood for a low key (and wallet friendly!) splurge, peruse these 10 best picks for your warm weather jewelry game. Personally, I’m eyeing the Samuari sword pendant and a quartz necklace, which is only ten little clams.
1. Boss Bitch Necklace, $26

2. Astrological Sign Brass Necklace, $18


3. State Charm Bracelet, $12

4. Sterling Silver Samurai Sword Necklace, $48

5. SSSSSHHHHIIIT Brass Charm, $15

6. Down the Rabbit Hole Bracelet, $12

7. Pointed Quartz Crystal Necklace, $28

8. Smokin’ Hot Cigarette Lips Necklace, $25

9. Gold Harmonica Necklace, $24

10. Wire Wrapped Pointed Quartz Necklace, $10

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