It’s a Charmed Life: Brooklyn Charm Spring 2017

If you plan on adding to your bauble collection this Spring, then you need to head to Brooklyn Charm (145 Bedford Avenue).

This shop is one of Williamsburg’s best kept secrets because you can design a piece of costume jewelry that is totally you, or score something readymade. Pretty cool, huh? If you’re in the mood for a low key (and wallet friendly!) splurge, peruse these 10 best picks for your warm weather jewelry game. Personally, I’m eyeing the Samuari sword pendant and a quartz necklace, which is only ten little clams.
1. Boss Bitch Necklace, $26

2. Astrological Sign Brass Necklace, $18

3. State Charm Bracelet, $12

4. Sterling Silver Samurai Sword Necklace, $48

5. SSSSSHHHHIIIT Brass Charm, $15

6. Down the Rabbit Hole Bracelet, $12

7. Pointed Quartz Crystal Necklace, $28

8. Smokin’ Hot Cigarette Lips Necklace, $25

9. Gold Harmonica Necklace, $24

10. Wire Wrapped Pointed Quartz Necklace, $10

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Stephanie is a poet & pathological daydreamer. Her books Hotel Ghost and Waiting For the End of the World are available from Bottlecap Press.

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