We were inspired to make this video after reading the wonderful story of the Manhattan Avenue businesses’ commitment to reignite the holiday lights this year here on Greenpointers.com (check out the article here). Having relocated to Greenpoint ourselves just under two years ago, it is truly an inspiration to move into a community that not only supports its new residents, but strives so adamantly to maintain connections to its rich history. We felt that the business owners of Manhattan Ave. and other contributors deserve a sincere thank you for all their hard work this year. This is our way of giving back to them by telling their story. Our hope is to inspire more people to participate next year and keep the tradition alive for a new generation.

We hope you enjoy, and Happy Holidays.

Coolburns & Co.

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  1. This video was phenomenal! Really shows Greenpoint’s unique-ness and strong community ties! Would love to know how as a resident I can donate next year !

  2. Great story very well done. I was born and raised in Greenpoint lived there for over 40 years. Sadly Greenpoint doesn’t exist anymore. The closeness of community and neighborhood is long gone.

  3. what a fantastic video made me cry and made me home sick but i’m glade to see that there are still people with big hearts and care enough to take care of our past and neighborhood i want to say thank you to all that help contributed and i’m sadden that i can’t be there to see them but i saw all the pics and videos and they look great i hope to visit next year and i hope to see them up next holiday season till then i wish everyone in home town of greenpoint,brooklyn you will always be in heart

  4. We love love love the lights!!! and have been missing them the last few years. They really bring a festive, optimistic energy to the streets and make everyone smile. Thanks so much for bringing us this joy! Shop local, support these businesses!! Great work on the video too. I think you’ll find local residents happy to chip in. Go Greenpoint!!

  5. I find it absolutely amazing to view this video and see Manhattan Ave lit up with its traditional Christmas lights just as I remember it as a kid in the 1960s and early 1970s. I’ve lived in the great state of Maine for the last 35 years now and still feel a very strong connection to my Greenpoint roots. Keep up the outstanding work.

  6. And this year we did it better
    Because we started in july
    But no contribution from the chains as per usual
    Just about 3 banks, the rest all small businesses and generous help from Sonny Mooks and Broadway stages

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