Retail Space

Shining Mirrors. Retail Space. Babetown.


No those are not store names in some wacky Williamsburg shopping plaza.

Those are the bands playing at a hulking wood monolith on West Street in Greenpoint this Sunday as part of our holiday market.

Shining Mirrors, transmogrified

The space opens at 1 PM and trouble ensues until 7.

Inside we explore each band member’s favorite sexual fantasy and fashion accessory.


OK not really. Wouldn’t you rather listen to their music instead?

Retail Space features wobbly guitar lines, ’80s alt synth tones and beats, and harmonized Bon Iver style melodics. As seen above.

Shining Mirrors toys around on ’60s psychedelic and garage pop licks, this is the band you want to catch if you want to get all jump-up and wiggly at the dance. Here’s something that’s on the chiller side of their usual prances.

And you would go to Babetown for chop salad, ice-cold champagne, and their Thompson Twins-type pop new wave aura.

OK maybe there’s still time to get in some fun facts about the bands.

I like Babetown because they play at some of my favorite non-famous venues, like the Legion Bar on Metropolitan Ave. and the Low Tide Bar in Rockaway Park.

Shining Mirrors introduced me to Radio Free Brooklyn, a Bushwick online radio station that reminds us why live banter and discussions need to be preserved in our new-world jungle of algorithm-driven music streaming.

And Retail Space tours but also finds time for semi-secret living-room shows produced by the Sofar Sounds DIY rescue squad.

See you at the market!

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