M Boutique’s interior designed by David Monn is like an immersive art experience.

There is a small section of Franklin Street that greets passersby with the fresh scent of jasmine and is reminiscent of a different time and place. The fragrances inspire thoughts of springtime enchanted gardens and it draws your attention to M Boutique (200 Franklin), which opens up to a cozy scene of manicured lawn, fall foliage, and a zen-like soothing habitat.

Founder Chris Foster in M Boutique

Welcome to the world of Founder Chris Foster, whose personal story can be discovered in M Boutique’s line of products for personal care, home care, pets, and babies. Drawing from his background in the fashion world, Chris pays special attention to beauty in all of his creations without compromising efficacy and safety. All ingredients are made with natural ingredients and while there is a luxurious quality about the items, they are priced affordably because they are locally made and sold directly to the consumer.

M Boutique, named after Chris’ mother Mina, was inspired when she was diagnosed with cancer. His parents had owned a cleaning services business for over 60 years and Chris suspected that the cancer was related to her inhaling the toxic chemicals in household cleaning products. After doing extensive research, Chris created a solution that is environmentally and human friendly while meeting his mom’s standards for cleaning effectiveness.

The Dusting Spray is an all natural dust magnet.

The home care line covers everything you need from laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaners, powder scrubs, wood floor cleaners and more. The dusting spray, made with beeswax, becomes a dust magnet with just a few sprays on a microfiber rag. All soaps are based on ingredients like goat’s milk, shea, and palm butter.

The personal care line consisting of shower gel, body hydrating lotion, and sulphate free shampoo and condition is inspired by destination cities that Chris has either lived in or visited. There is Paris, inspired by fond memories discovering the aroma of the Linden Tree blossoms in the Luxembourg garden. Berlin is darker and scented with warm notes like bergamot fig and oak moss. Madrid has blood orange, bergamot and a touch of amber. Chris associates London with sophistication, precious silks, and fabrics represented by notes of blood orange, neroli, peach, and musk. Coming soon is Tokyo based on cherry blossoms and roses. And what does Manhattan smell like? A complex mixture of dark and light notes.

Orange Creamsicle scented products for the “little ones” are lined up alongside M Boutique’s personal care line inspired by destination cities.

Chris’ childhood love for icicle pops inspired the line of products made for the “little ones.” Baby shampoo, conditioner, and lotion smell like orange creamsicles!

Pamper your pets affordably!

Furry family members can be treated to a line of beautifully scented products made with safe, sulphate free ingredients too. There’s even a waterless pet bath, which foams and dries really fast so you can clean your pet on the go.

M Boutique’s candles are so potent that the scent has a far reach out onto Franklin street. They are hand-poured on site and balances the wax, fragrance, and wick to make the perfect candle. The Jasmine White Pepper is reminiscent of Chris’ yard. There are also the Tuberose scented candle, Bergamot Fig candle which smells like fresh figs, and the Patchouli that complete the collection of signature Parisian-influenced fragrances.

Candles with signature fragrances like White Pepper Jasmine are hand-poured on site in Greenpoint.

M Boutique spares no attention to detail with scents that “dance together” and the gorgeous interior design by David Monn that “creates a tapestry of sensations.” Visiting the store is like an immersive art installation celebrating beauty and the seasons. Fall motifs are on view until around Thanksgiving before blizzard themes arrive. And if you walk out with any of the items at M Boutique, you will be giving yourself the gift of self-care and clean living.

M Boutique is located on 200 Franklin Street and is open from Mon-Fri (11am-8pm) and Sat-Sun (12-6pm) Visit their site for more info and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Sponsored by M Boutique: M Boutique is a full life style store focusing on luxury home and bath products created by nature. We believe that the uniquely distinct experience we create and provide begins with beautiful aromatherapy. Our signature scents are created from only the purest of premium essential oils. Visually stunning, and most important safe. We are excited to debut our first brick-and-mortar shop in Greenpoint and are looking forward to your visit!

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