Don your Hazmat Suits and Walk through the Nether to the Upside Down…

In celebration of its 2nd anniversary and Halloween, Good Room has curated shows featuring some of the world’s best DJs alongside Brooklyn’s finest artists, and it’s been a rockout all weekend. The weekend’s festivities culminate on Halloween with FIXED, the party series by DJs JDH and Dave P that’s also celebrating its own anniversary – 12 years in November!

For this special show, Greenpoint’s own JDH and Philly’s Dave P are thrilled to be playing once again with Survive, whose Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are behind the popular 80s nostalgia Stranger Things soundtrack, having played together recently in Joshua Tree and Survive’s hometown of Austin, Texas. According to JDH, he and Dave had been very impressed with the quartet’s live performances and enjoyed their cinematic sound. Obviously, Survive was the ideal partner for their Halloween show.

Survive’s newest album since forming seven years ago, RR7349, is available now, and Volume 1 of the Netflix show’s soundtrack has also just been released. JDH said that he is really excited about the well-deserved recognition Survive has been getting as a result of the soundtrack. Likewise, he is pleased to see the increased quality in synth music across the board more recently, and the subsequent interest in the genre and related venues.

Good Room is just what the neighborhood needed, JDH observes, saying it’s what the now closed Studio B could have been. And he notes the challenges in getting people out to Meserole that he encountered with his previous involvement helping run parties at Studio B. Based in Greenpoint for a little longer than he and Dave P have been doing the FIXED parties, JDH attributes Good Room’s success to being more accessible and cheaper—an exciting spot with quality music that anyone can just walk up to on a random night out, and know that’s going to be fun. He credits the proximity of other venues such as Output and Brooklyn Bowl as beneficial to this walk-up mentality, saying they all help each other in that regard.


Dance the night away amidst Lamps, Hanging Lights, Fresh Blood and Photos in the Woods…

For the Halloween show, PDH and Dave P will be DJing with CDs and vinyl before and after Survive’s full live set featuring synths and machines. Though they will play music according to the vibe of the crowd that night, the duo expects to share some never-played tracks and you can count on them ramping things up over the course of the night. Another highlight of the show PDH pointed out will be taking place in the Bad Room, where Callan and Ben of Brooklyn’s Lemonade will be DJing throughout the night.

According to Good Room, the club will be decked out in full Halloween spookiness and costumes are highly encouraged. Although the show sold out weeks ago, some tickets ($15; 21+) will be available at the door and will continue to be released as space permits over the course of the night. Doors open at 9pm.

See you there? One Blink for YES.

Good Room | 98 Meserole Ave.

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