Sunday Snaps – Happy Halloween!

The Jack-o’-Lanterns are out along Java, ghouls are floating up Guernsey and Manhattan and it’s looking quite macabre. It’s Halloween and there’s no better place to be than Greenpoint!

Pals Jen and Andrew went as Vincent Adultman and Princess Carolyn from the animated comedy series BoJack Horseman.

Tessa was a fortune teller. She would like everyone to know she also had a killer turban to go with the ensemble!
Chance went as Robin Hood this year. His personal favorite candy? Chocolate gummy bears.
Little Thora Jade stole the show with her barn owl costume that her mom made for her. Adorable enough for ya?
Move over Nacho Libre, here comes “El Choque” (the crash)!
Ginger cast many a spell up and down Manhattan Avenue this Halloween weekend.
Friends Taylor and Lena described their Halloween ensemble as “when a human dates a vampire”. After dating for 300 years, there’s bound to be some blood.
Max protected the neighborhood in his homemade Iron Man costume!
Anne the earthworm could be seen slithering all around the hood this weekend.

About Erik Keithley

Originally from just north of Baltimore, Erik became enchanted with the country-tinged outlaw folk of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, and Guy Clark while studying journalism in North Carolina. As a direct result, he moved to Austin as soon as he could, where he saw a lot of music, recorded a little of his own, and honed a strong appreciation for brisket, New Orleans, and a generally slower and more inquisitive approach to life. Having just moved to Greenpoint from Austin, Erik aims to explore the mellow charms of his beloved new neighborhood with the same quietly searching eyes.

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