It’s not too often that our very own neighborhood Associated supermarket gets featured in both Harper’s Bazaar and the New York Post.

And it wasn’t even because of their super-fresh Grade AA eggs, their reasonably priced bone-in chuck steaks (great on the grill), or the cases of Zywiec available in large, hefty glass bottles.

In case you’ve been accidentally locked inside a gas station bathroom for a few days, Gwyneth Paltrow shot some glamour shots at the Associated. In response, Greenpoint residents did mock sexy poses of their own in the aisles then posted them on social media.

Personally I’ll be posing for my own boudoir photos in a pickler’s fortnight among the Polish hams at the Busy Bee on Nassau, but to each his own.


Now on the subject of music — this column is supposed to be about music, right? — you can start getting amped up for Halloween with the angry electronica of Combichrist at the Knitting Factory at 9 pm tonight (10/13).

Or catch a blood-soaked apocalypse — with gymnastic floor routines! — at a Slumber party at House of Yes tonight at 7:30.

For Saturday, instead of doing just the usual German-style Oktoberfest, how about one with a little New Orleans flair? The Hall at MP will have wurst platters for eats as the Sunnyside Social Club tumbles through trumpet-and-accordion versions of cheesy cabaret classics like All of Me. The music starts at 7.

Vivienne Eastwood

For Saturday I also like the indie-funk electronica of French Horn Rebellion at Brooklyn Night Bazaar at 7.

Then on Sunday Sunnyvale will feature dream-like pop wanderings from Vivienne Eastwood playing last in a four-band lineup that starts at 8.

You can hear Vivienne below.

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