When you want to feel a little magical but totally bad ass, you need to turn to Beast or God. This Greenpoint-based creator, Robert Pappadeas, is inspired by the mystical. His pieces have a dark quality but they’re also not afraid of a little humor like the quirky but spooky little ghost pins.

Read on for more complex and punchy pins, patches, and embroidery fit for any witch or aesthete.

GP: How did you get inspired to start Beast or God?


Robert: I had been merchandising and styling for a men’s denim company on 5th avenue for many years, and I was always interested in learning as much as I could about denim as a craft. Because of my experience, denim seemed a natural choice for a medium, which led to embroidery as the two have a long history together. These interests led to the start of hobby, which quickly turned into my brand: Beast or God.

GP: What is your creative process like?

Robert: I’m inspired by books and stories that I’ve read, by mythology and legend, and by the supernatural and superstitious. All of my projects become a story of their own, which develops in my mind as I sew each stitch.

GP: What are your favorite products so far?

Robert: My favorite products right now are the ones that have pushed my creativity beyond the realm of embroidery. I worked very hard to develop my very first lapel pin in partnership with Erika Leahey, an extremely talented artist based in Boston. This inspired me to release a pin of my own for Halloween. Both are available to purchase on my website.

GP: What is your future vision for the brand?

Robert: While I love making custom one-of-a-kind embroideries, I would like to offer smaller, more affordable items based on those original pieces. I also plan to continue collaborating with other artists and makers that I admire.

GP: Describe your perfect day in Brooklyn.

Robert: I would start my day at Variety or Champion for some cold brew, sit in McGolrick for a bit before heading over to Word for a new book, or Upstate Stock to browse their new wares. Then stop by Transmitter Park to see the skyline before hitting up Greenpoint fish and Rachel’s for fresh dinner ingredients. Grab a bottle of wine at Vine Box, and head home for an early dinner, followed by a trip to Little Dokebi’s patio for a bottle of Cava.

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