The pre-dinner scene at Archestratus. Image via Archestratus/Facebook

Sunday will be the one-year anniversary of Archestratus, Greenpoint’s very own cookbook shop/cafe/place of food-related treats and events at 160 Huron Street. Archestratus will be celebrating by having a day of comfort: they will be making and giving out spaghetti for free from 11am-6pm. Oh, and better yet: they’ll be playing spaghetti westerns (another source of comfort for owner Paige Lipari and her employees).

“It will be a day to say thank you to everyone who’s supported us this past year,” said Paige. “Sunday will be all about coziness and gratitude.”

What’s next for Archestratus? “We’ll be focusing on areas of growth – more products. We’ll be beefing up — oh, food pun, ha ha — the gifts section with things like nice stationery, pens. We’ll be adding a magazine section. We’ll have some basic pantry items, high-quality items, like good olive oil, flour, sugar, that sort of thing.” Paige said that all of these improvements will take place before the December holiday season, as Archestratus becomes more of a gift destination. There will also be even more awesome events at the store. And best of all, they plan on having cookie boxes  available for order with the amazing homemade cookies Archestratus bakes and serves, like the rainbow cookies (flashbacks to childhood, anyone?), or their yummy Pistachio Lace cookies.

As they move forward, Paige is going to focus more on the curation and physical merchandising, now that someone is focusing exclusively on events. And how many events they have had. The past year has seen monthly cookbook clubs, author visits, drawing classes, a drink-fueled variety show, rooftop pizza with Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and Salchipapas.

Paige is also inviting people to come in with submissions for the community cookbook. Paige is looking for recipes, drawings, memories of food, photos, and really anything to do with food. People can also submit to if they can’t stop by the shop.


Want to know more? Stop by the shop on Wednesdays-Saturdays 11am-10pm, and Sundays 11am-6pm, check out some of their events (like every Thursday’s blue plate dinners!), follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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