For you nightcrawlers, here are the big names in town:

Bethlehem Steel finishes a two-week tour in Bushwick tonight (9/15). Saturday night in Williamsburg it’s Nada Surf.


Both Friday and Saturday night, Godspeed You! Black Emperor plays alongside professional dancer types.

Godspeed is terming it “a searing indictment of the daily grind,” for Fine Arts majors patient enough to take the G train down to Fulton.

There’s also salsa dancing to live music on Saturday night, and modern folk and jazz choices for Sunday right in town.


Details for all the shows below.

Bethlehem Steel

I went to a school tucked under the belching, fire-breathing Bethlehem Steel smokestacks on the Southside of Bethlehem, PA.

So if a band is going to brand themselves for that cred, they better not be so-so, because I swear I would use this column to burn them into the ground. And then show up at the club and throws bottles at their heads.

But no need for a protective order, my dear nubs. They’ve got just what you’d want in your punk Chop’t salad mix, starting with a lo-res guitar base then adding your usual 3 free other ingredients, here grungy slow-your-roll tracks, discordant spare vocal solo breaks and jangly B-sides. And,

Bethlehem Steel

that topper that you treat yourself to on a cloudy day — here, my personal $1.50 palm hearts premium is lyrics that are relatable and real.

Bethlehem Steel is at Shea Stadium tonight around 10, if you show up later or earlier you might catch Haybaby or Painted Zeros too, both worthy bands in my opinion but follow those hyperlinks to determine for yourselves.

Who do we have left. Since Nada Surf‘s got celebrity-band status I’ll just give you this music link and this very endearing recent New York Times wedding coverage of their front singer. The coverage is for all you ridiculously awesome Greenpoint femmes I encounter out there who think a guy like him is always going to go for ridiculously stupid types.

Nada’s at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday at 9.

Have you ever passed by Nieves Latin Dance Studio on Grand St. when they are running their after-work salsa class?

Nieves beginner class

If their excitement and general cuteness got you wondering about this dance style, catch some live rhythms (and dancing!) at Cubana Social around 10 pm for Saturday Salsondria, $10 cover.

And you don’t have to haul yourself into Manhattan for quality modern folk and jazz this weekend, as these (jazz) two (folk) efforts will show you.

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