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Weekend Music: We Call Him Double Down (9/15 – 9/18)

For you nightcrawlers, here are the big names in town:

Bethlehem Steel finishes a two-week tour in Bushwick tonight (9/15). Saturday night in Williamsburg it’s Nada Surf.


Both Friday and Saturday night, Godspeed You! Black Emperor plays alongside professional dancer types.

Godspeed is terming it “a searing indictment of the daily grind,” for Fine Arts majors patient enough to take the G train down to Fulton.

There’s also salsa dancing to live music on Saturday night, and modern folk and jazz choices for Sunday right in town.

Details for all the shows below. Continue reading

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Northside Music Picks: Day Four

eggsSome of you may be old enough to remember the Reagan-era “this is your brain on drugs” TV ad, the one that shows an egg frying in a pan.

I can now personally report to you the effect on the brain of three straight days and nights of manic sun-baked body-slamming and the occasional 3 AM audio epiphany that you will encounter at the Northside Festival music series. To continue the frying egg analogy, my brain at this point, is kind of like a ridiculously tasty three-egg omelette oozing melted cheddar and mushrooms. It’s a happy sensation.

OK, before I go jump a school bus and drive that thing to Tampico to go hurl empty beer cans at a ranchera band playing on a chicken wire-protected stage, I have a final obligation to you my readers to guide you to the best bands playing on this, the final day of music.  Continue reading

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