Hard to concentrate on telling you about Greenpoint shows, I keep re-playing Metallica’s new track on my speakers after what sixty years since their last release. And I’m not even a Metallica guy.

Parked next door on the couch is my 78-year old Turkish mother-in-law barking Çok guzel! at the music. In Turk-speak, that’s the equivalent of wiggling devil fingers in delight.

Around town this weekend, we’ve got drag queen disco at Good Room, punks & Detroit rock at Sunnyvale and Shea Stadium, and a Slip ‘N Slide with musical accompaniment outside Roberta’s.

There’s a rich history in North Brooklyn of young kids emigrating here from the East Village when they got priced out, and the kids bring with them some of the cultural happenings that first started across the river.

And so, from the drag queen spectacular called Wigstock in Tompkins Square Park, we now have the Bushwig celebration on our own native ground.

John Waters’ Multiple Maniacs screens at Videology this Sunday at 5:30

And no party is complete without a raging after-party. Saturday night (9/10) at Good RoomSPRKLBB pumps out his vinyl dance finds while The Carry Nation, Butched, and Jeannie Harper help keep the beat. You can bounce between there and Otter Box on Union Ave., where Frankie Sharp and Merrie Cherry spin.

Here‘s a Soundcloud preview of the Good Room lineup, and links for the Otter Box performers (as might be expected from any self-respecting diva, they don’t allow their masterworks to being herded onto a playlist on Soundcloud).

If you are more in the mood for live music, Sheer MagHaram, and Hank Wood & the Hammerheads are at Sunnyvale on Sunday (9/11) starting around 9 pm.

Mexican Knives

There’s also Aloha MachineMexican KnivesWhite Pisces and Klozapin at Shea Stadium same day same time.

Can’t decide between those shows? Here‘s a Bandcamp playlist to help out.

Finally, to keep your summer going past Labor Day, I recommend the Slip ‘n Slide on Sunday afternoon at Roberta’s.

Or instead you could rent a $600 cabana at the Burning Man de-compression event at McCarran Hotel’s pool this weekend (oh please) or wade around in a communal kiddie pool at House of Yes on Sunday (that just sounds nasty).

DJ Full Service will be in charge of the decks at Roberta’s.

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