Defined: “mailing it in”

It’s Thursday night, so perfect timing for going out then just mailing it in tomorrow.

Only the weather is grimy. But you’re restless.

So go grimy, in air-conditioned comfort, at 9:30 tonight (8/11) with some Sex and Violence.

Nitehawk did some nerdy research to find out exactly what specific movies were playing when Times Square was dangerous and the theaters were there just to give men some spank bank supply. And here’s tonight’s result of that effort.

Bonus, the movie is in Catalan so you can hold your own around the tapas roundtable.


The movie is about a perfume magnate vacationing in the Caribbean with his wife on their yacht, when “two sadistic creeps board their boat for a party” (Nitehawk’s words).

So, there was this one time when I was lifeguarding in the Rockaways as a teen, and two guys pull up in a pontoon boat and say they are sailing around South America and home again through the Panama, and it was all going to get written up in Trimaran Magazine. They asked if I wanted to hop along.

Think how much my summer could have changed if I said Yes. Instead, I spent the summer plucking drunks out of the deep, and yanking kids out of ankle-deep surf.

OK, now you know my personal bias towards this movie, tickets are here, and by my watch you can still make the show at an easy amble.

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