’70s Times Square Reincarnated Tonight at Nitehawk

Defined: “mailing it in”

It’s Thursday night, so perfect timing for going out then just mailing it in tomorrow.

Only the weather is grimy. But you’re restless.

So go grimy, in air-conditioned comfort, at 9:30 tonight (8/11) with some Sex and Violence.

Nitehawk did some nerdy research to find out exactly what specific movies were playing when Times Square was dangerous and the theaters were there just to give men some spank bank supply. And here’s tonight’s result of that effort. Continue reading

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Studio visit & interview with artist Brooke Borg

"Lipstick Yad," 13.5 x 1.5 x 1 in., clay, enamel, YSL lipstick, 2013 ©Brooke Borg

In 2006, artist and educator Brooke Borg was a recent college graduate with a one-way ticket to Barcelona. In 2012, she finally came back to the United States, MFA in hand and fluent in Catalan, ready to continue teaching and creating art in Brooklyn. Her work has been influenced by her travels, her own family and religious background, and the experiences of others that she’s collected and adroitly examined by using drawing, sculpture, and electronic media. Last week, Borg invited Greenpointers to her Calyer Street studio for a preview of her newest works-in-progress about modern love relationships. Continue reading

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