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August ushers in the new moon in Leo on the 2nd, as well as a lunar eclipse on August 18th in Aquarius. This full moons will reveal monumental news for all the signs, giving vibrancy and energy—but also security and long-awaited results from goals. Sadly, the month does end with Mercury cycling into a retrograde in Virgo.

This means you should pay attention to the details—because you don’t want to get anything wrong, or end up misinterpreting someone’s feelings. It also means you probably want to check the train schedule, because there will definitely be delays on the L & G—or your favorite hang out spot may also be subject to close.


Because of the new moon in Leo, you are hungering for a change—whether that means you’re going back to school, getting a new job, dating someone who excites you, or even trying out a new yoga class. This is a great time for you to party, to socialize, to be the butterfly you really are. Your relationships are on your mind—and because of the retrograde, you shouldn’t rush into any romantic relationships too fast. It’s a good time to focus on yourself despite the socialization—focus on your body—which makes this the perfect time to try out metal yoga at St. Vitus.



This month, your career and professional ambitions are at the forefront of your mind. And this is a time to pursue them and start thinking of ways to get ahead—but without being ruthless, of course. But because of Mars entering Sag on August 2nd, your romantic and sex life is also getting quite steamy—so you have a lot to balance—and you’re all about balance. Sounds like a good time to plan a sweet date in the backyard at Milk & Roses. Because of the retrograde, you may run into a lot of exes who want something from you, so be careful. You might reignite an old flame, but be aware of potential drama.


You are on fire this month when it comes to communicating. You feel a burst of energy and confidence—which makes you want to hang out with your favorite people more. You may feel the need to commit and settle down in your current relationship—or you may feel the opposite and realize your relationship isn’t right for you. Either way, the lunar eclipse on August 18th is sure to change something in your life for the better (even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time). A good time to go on long walks for clarity—I personally love McGlorick Park for strolls.


This month is all about how you feel about yourself. You often put others first, and this is the first time you’re changing this habit. It’s a good time to explore new interests and places—especially because of the retrograde, which causes you to pause and reflect on what you want. You are creative and this is the time to work and finish a project you’re working on. Take walks, go to WORD bookstore and put your nose to the grindstone.


Oh Leo, this month is your month, so get ready, because it’s going to be nonstop. The new moon reconnects you with your passions and desire—namely your creative side and your sexual side. You recently went through many changes, and while you’re still putting the emotional pieces together, Mars entering Sag reignites your romantic side. But beware, because of the retrograde, you have to be clear about boundaries and needs—otherwise, you may get lost in the shuffle. Since this is a time of reinvention for you, do something fun with your appearance—new hair color or cut at Tomcats?


August brings intuitive energy for you, which is allowing you to explore your emotions more fully than you usually allow yourself to, as you are often analytical and practical by nature. While it’s tempting to over schedule yourself, it’s a good time to schedule “me time” for your projects, and both your physical and mental health (like sleeping and eating). You will feel this moon extra intensely, especially in terms of security in your home sector—which may be partially because you are on the right path with your career and professional ambitions—but Venus enters your sign on the 5th which signifies a significant relationship. A good time to catch a movie at Nitehawk, am I right?


Friendship is on the brain this month—which will help you be even more open than you already are—except the interesting thing is that you also crave solitude this month. It’s okay to be alone—you need to be alone sometimes, especially with the retrograde making it necessary. Go to Transmitter Park to write and journal your emotions while watching the water.


You are ready to make a lot of money this month—and gallivant somewhere exotic and beautiful. For you, your career is everything to you right now. While this does mean networking and socializing, don’t forget your goal. This month is hard because there is going to be tension with your family and home life—and you will want to run from them—but you have to meet them head on. The retrograde will make you rethink your home life—and what you want for your future. Be honest with yourself. Schedule some much needed “me time” and take yourself out to dinner at Jimmy’s–home to the best shrimp & grits.


This month is going to be an intellectual and emotional mind game for you, dear Sag. You are really starting to come into your own—in all the various facets of your life. And while this is an amazing feeling, it can also be confusing—because it makes you question who you are and what you want. Your creative and professional goals are important to you—especially if you are publishing or moving up at your job. You feel powerful and in control—but you are also noticing you relationships with others are changing—and that’s okay. But you must embrace and adapt to this change. This is a good time to relax and treat yourself—get a mani/pedi at Primp & Polish.


You want to feel valued and important this month—both professionally and emotionally. You will be especially affected by the retrograde and may be surrounded by people with misinformation—or worse, those that aren’t exactly honest, whether conscious or not. You will have to listen attentively and think critically—do what is best for you. If you are offered a job, a promotion, or any opportunity, think about it twice. This is definitely a good time to check out The Garden and try out a new recipe and cook with someone you care about. It will ground you in a time where you may feel otherwise ungrounded.


You are going on an existential journey this month. Since the Sun and Venus are in Leo, you will feel especially secure, calm, and supported with your friends, family, and general community. This will not be the case for your romantic life, however. Communication is stifled and you feel uncertain about those you are seeing and don’t feel as comfortable as you should feel. Insecurities from the past, especially financial, may be bothering you again despite the fact that nothing may be immediately in danger. For you, the simpler, the better this month. I suggest getting a lavender latte from Upright Coffee and taking a long walk in McCarren Park with a friend.


This is a time for you to get rid of your bad habits, whether it’s smoking, not sleeping well, or not eating enough greens, it’s time to get serious. You are finally starting to listen to your body. Because Venus is in Virgo, it does suggest a partnership of sorts—it may be romantic, but it could also be professional and/or creative. It suggests that you are entering a new phase of your life. This definitely calls for a reinvention of sorts—perhaps a time to rummage through the records at The Thing, and buy something you wouldn’t normally listen to.

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