Dogs Drink Free! (Greenpoint Beer & Ale)

Surely all of you dog owners out there are familiar with this conundrum: you were away from your four-legged friend all day and he is SO excited to see you. You’re happy to see him too but want to go out and enjoy your awesome neighborhood. While getting ready to leave, you look down to big, sad eyes practically brimming with tears, begging you not to leave again. You are wracked with guilt. If only he could come too! Finding dog-friendly bars and restaurants are a real challenge. There are websites like, but unfortunately the results aren’t always that complete. Yelp has a dog-friendly filter, but I’ve often found it to be inaccurate and have trekked all the way to Williamsburg only to be turned away with my hound, hungry and confused. To help, here is a list of my favorite places to enjoy a night out in North Brooklyn with my own four-legged best friend.

Enid’s | 560 Manhattan Ave.

Enid’s mixes a mean bloody mary and is the perfect spot to enjoy brunch with your dog.

Enid’s occupies the corner that bridges the more residential section of Greenpoint with busy Manhattan Avenue. Serving up Southern-inspired cuisine that’s always satisfying, this is a great choice for brunch or dinner. Their beer list is weak, but if you are in the mood for a cocktail, they mix one of the best spicy bloody marys around. The creamy stone-ground-grits served for brunch are outstanding and, along with that bloody mary, make for one of the best hangover cures in the neighborhood. Or, if your night is just starting, they offer a beer and a shot special. Make sure you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach and try their delicious veggie burger.

The beautiful, romantic courtyard at MyMoon

MyMoon | 184 N. 10th St.


Ok, this is not quite Greenpoint, but the atmosphere at MyMoon is so lovely that I am sure all the dog owners out there would be willing to cross into the Williamsburg border for the privilege of a seat in this stunning location. The setting is so beautiful that they often host weddings. So call ahead to ensure that it’s not shut for a private event before you get your hopes up. If you do catch MyMoon on a free night, you can expect ultra-comfortable outdoor seating with cushioned benches, beautiful lighting, and the most romantic atmosphere in Brooklyn. The menu includes a variety of Spanish tapas mixed with some other Mediterranean offerings and is the ideal place for date night. Their sangria is excellent and a pitcher is reasonably priced. Bring your doggy with you. Your date will surely fall in love with you both under the twinkly lights, reminiscent of a European bistro.

Little Dokebi is a hidden gem overlooking beautiful McGolrick Park

Little Dokebi | 85 Driggs Ave.

Tucked away on a quiet corner of Greenpoint is this little gem of a Korean restaurant. Take your four-legged friend to a corner overlooking McGolrick Park while you enjoy the ban chan, perfectly seasoned chicken wings, and of course the bibimbap. Wash it down with some of their delicious pineapple infused soju, but be careful—those drinks can really sneak up on you! Afterwards, let your pooch enjoy the dog park right across the street while you relax under the canopy of trees.

The Richardson | 451 Graham Ave.

Just past the BQE on hopping Graham Avenue is this cute little bar that also serves food. The seating is a bit uncomfortable and outdoor service can be on the slow side, but I can’t seem to stay away. It’s a great spot to enjoy a leisurely evening outdoors. Order a cheese plate and some deviled eggs while enjoying a perfectly mixed cocktail.

Dogs enjoying the atmosphere and social scene at Greenpoint Beer & Ale while their owners enjoy the brews

Greenpoint Beer and Ale | 7 N. 15th St.

You may remember this brewpub as Dirck the Norseman. Although the name has changed, what hasn’t changed is that this is one of my absolute favorite places to enjoy a day or night out with my dog. The in-house brews are varied, balanced, and definitely among the best in the area. They offer beer flights of five 5oz pours for $15 so you can sample to your heart’s content. I particularly enjoy their Talullah—a take on a sour beer, brewed with peaches—so refreshing and a good introduction to this popular style. Greenpoint Beer and Ale also serves a homey, delicious menu whose standouts include bangers and mash and schnitzel. The staff and owner are exceptionally dog friendly and will offer your dog water without your having to ask. The bar has an open front so that, even when seated outdoors at the picnic tables, you feel connected to the main area and can catch a soccer game on the back projector if the glare isn’t too bad. And they display a “dogs drink free” sign which ensures that my basset hound feels very welcome.

Park Luncheonette | 332 Driggs Ave.

Right next to McCarren Park sits this little restaurant whose prime-sidewalk seating is always packed with dogs and their owners. Guests can enjoy a solid pizza, friendly service, and the excellent location for people-watching. They also have especially good french fries, a hearty and delicious duck confit sandwich, and an excellent veggie burger. This is a great place to grab lunch before spending the day soaking up the sun in the park across the street. Be sure to grab a spot by a shady tree for your doggy!

Highly coveted outdoor seating at Five Leaves

Five Leaves | 18 Bedford Ave.

If you are or want to be one of the cool kids in Greenpoint, feel free to wait in the ever-substantial line for an outdoor seat at Five Leaves. The beer list is unimpressive, but they do offer a nice menu of upscale offerings and cocktails. Unfortunately, neither I nor my dog usually have the patience to wait for a table here. If you do, make sure you get the ricotta pancakes-they’re divine!

Brooklyn Brewery | 79 N. 11th St.

Brooklyn Brewery is a fabulous place to bring your dog and make some new friends. This is the only indoor location on the list, so it’s a year-round option. The patrons here seem to universally love dogs, and mine is consistently smothered with attention from his adoring beer-drinking fans. As it is an indoor space, the atmosphere can get a bit noisy and overwhelming, so I would only recommend bringing calm and confident pooches. There are plenty of picnic tables to sit at and, of course, lots of excellent brews to sample (try Brooklyn Blast!). There are food trucks nearby in case you get hungry, and you’re welcome to bring your meal in to enjoy with your beer.  We’ll keep our eye on what happens to this location as the brewing operation moves to Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The outdoor tables at Selamat Pagi are perfect for enjoying a peaceful dinner with your dog.

Selamat Pagi | 152 Driggs Ave.

This peaceful little Indonesian restaurant has two outdoor tables surrounded by greenery that makes for a delightful place to grab dinner with your dog. The staff is always warm and friendly and the food delicious. I recommend ordering their appetizer sampler. Be advised, the prawn chips are addictive! They also have a small but interesting beer list to create the perfect pairing. The seating area is tight, so I would only recommend this for a two-person dinner or a solo date with your dog.

Battery Harris | 64 Frost St.

Battery Harris is one of the few off-sidewalk locations in the area that welcome dogs, so it is worth heading to Frost Street in Williamsburg for the privilege. The back patio has its own entrance and is cordoned off from the street. String lights hang from above and on a balmy summer day you can enjoy a Caribbean-inspired menu while pretending you’re on vacation. The servers are quick to bring water to your dog and the atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely dinner followed by some frozen drinks. Order a dark and stormy and enjoy their fantastic jerk chicken wings, sweet potato fries, and some sweet plantains—just make sure to share a fry with your pooch.

Carriage full of Chihuahuas heading home after a dinner at Mrs. Kim’s

Mrs. Kim’s | 160 Franklin St.

On bustling Franklin Avenue, you can take your doggy to another Korean-inspired restaurant.  The atmosphere is nothing special, but if you’re craving some really tasty bulgogi tacos and are in the area, this is a great place to stop by with your dog and enjoy some people watching.


Spritzenhaus | 33 Nassau Ave.

For a night out with friends, I highly recommend Spritzenhaus. The huge open windows allow patrons sitting outside to feel connected to the lively atmosphere inside. And the long, beer-hall style outdoor tables give you plenty of space (provided you come early!), and your high visibility to passer-bys ensures that your pooch will get lots of admiration and pets. Spritzenhaus has a great beer list and the bartenders are always happy to provide a water dish for your dog. The only hitch is that there is no waiter service outside, so you’ll need to leave your dog with friends while you order or, better yet, send someone in to do the work for you. Spritzenhaus offers a variety of sausages as well as Belgian fries with some killer dipping sauces!

Enjoying the beautiful view from the Brooklyn Barge

Brooklyn Barge | 3 Milton St.

Million dollar views. What else do you need? Brooklyn Barge is an amazing place to watch the sun set over the Manhattan skyline, relax with friends in a laid-back, unpretentious environment, and enjoy the nostalgia that comes with drinking beer from a plastic cup and reminiscing about your pre-NYC days. If you’re looking for convenience, they serve casual bar food from a stand, but remember that you’ve come mainly for the view.

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