If you are a parent, you can skip to movie dates and times on the calendar to the left there.

You know those films by heart already, you watch them over and over again with your kids until they fall asleep.

Transmitter Park is a beautiful place to see it outside, while they drift into unconsciousness.

Below is for the rest of us.



I’ve used icons to quickly point you to shows according to your interest.

This is the icon for films that were built off the bong by studio execs:

   If you go, try not to act high, due to families on the lawn.

  This points to pop culture references good for humbling your frenemies.

 A beacon for glee, inspired by the bus company that never grew up.

7/8 Kung Fu Panda 3

Jack Black holds the lead role. He once hit on my wife in Manhattan. Next…

7/15 Ant Man

 The trailer asks you to “imagine a soldier the size of an insect,” and Paul Rudd as an action hero. I get that.

  “You give God-like powers to everyone, and it’s going to be chaos,” says Michael Douglas while working a pair of fierce Malcolm X granny glasses.

7/22 Zootopia

This is a character from the film.

7/29 Pixels

Kevin James and Adam Sandler fight aliens playing Pac-Man. Moving on:

8/5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Plot: Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford act their age. R2D2 passes the mantle to BB8.

7/12 Inside Out

  A teen moves from the Midwest to predatory Los Angeles, then

(flashback to TV series Beverly Hills 90210) Scott accidentally shoots himself,

Nat’s response: I’m sorry your friend shot himself.

How about a Mega Burger to make you feel better?

 That’s probably a Bacall mark instead.

Let’s hope the movie matches up to the original.

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