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There’s a strong metaphysical movement in North Brooklyn—we’ve got a holistic apothecary, a growing number of spiritual shops carrying crystals, more conventional retail establishments who stock mystical items, and access to classes that tap into the divine.

One such spot is Maha Rose in Greenpoint, where Brooklyn-based tarot consultant Lindsay Mack regularly leads workshops (including one this weekend). Let’s be clear: Lindsay’s approach to tarot is not about telling fortunes or predicting the future. To her, tarot is a way to see people and situations from a fresh perspective, and a method for healing the soul. Tarot decks have recently surged in popularity not just amongst those tapped into the infinite source; you can also find decks at big retailers like Urban Outfitters. Lindsay credits illustrator Kim Crans, who created the beautiful Wild Unknown tarot deck, as a key part of what’s made the art of divination cool again.


Lindsay has dealt with some intense traumas and abuse in her past, and following an emotional breakdown a few years ago, tarot cards enabled her to heal her wounds. She had been reading tarot for a few decades at that point, but hadn’t pursued it professionally full-time. After a breakthrough while using tarot, aided by traditional therapies and medicines, she was asked to perform readings at a Brooklyn shop. And at that point she knew in her heart that her calling was soul work and helping people.

Anyone who’s seeking authentic and compassionate emotional and spiritual healing and grounding would benefit from a reading with Lindsay. She sits with many who’ve survived serious trauma and abuse, have PTSD or other forms of physical and emotional strife. “People will not hear me if their nervous systems are wired for ‘fight, flight freeze,’” she says, adding that she prefers to use kind language and a soft voice when giving a reading. She projects a strong but gentle and comforting demeanor, the kind of non-judgmental and receptive intuition that you’d get from a “mama bear” close friend.

Lindsay is legitimately and candidly understanding, definitely not putting on a show. And she gets emotional; she lives and breathes this work, and during a session it’s not uncommon for people to cry or have intense feelings pulled to the surface. “My readings have a reputation for feeling like therapy sessions,” she says, quick to point out she’s not a licensed therapist. “But how I read is that I’m listening and hearing information, and then the cards come out. Then I listen. Then I just start talking. I go with the flow.” She pauses. “It feels like I’m sight reading a piece of music,” similar to “interpreting a symphony, and it comes up to me as a finished piece.”


There’s something happening in Brooklyn that’s attracting healers, lightworkers and spiritualists of all types. “The divine feminine is waking up,” she says; there’s more greenspace here, and the kind of energy that creates a fertile environment for mystics. Lindsay says Brooklyn, a place she’s called home for several years after growing up in the New York area, is where, “empaths and intuitives can live in a relative amount of peace.” She adores the beauty of Greenpoint and says that “Maha Rose set the tone,” for the neighborhood to be a spiritual “oasis.”

Lindsay Mack’s latest tarot workshops at Maha Rose (97 Green Street) begin this Sunday, July 10. She welcomes everyone from beginners to masters and says her classes are for, “Anybody who has a desire to go to a place with their deck that is soulful, and wants to use their cards in a macrocosmic level. A lot of what I teach is already within everyone.”

Soul Tarot I – Sunday July 10, 11–2pm at Maha Rose
Soul Tarot II: The Minor Arcana and Beyond – Sunday July 17, 11–2pm at Maha Rose
Soul Tarot III – Sunday July 24 (not up on Maha Rose’s site yet)
Intuitive Tarot For The Wild Soul – August 5–7, weekend retreat at Maha Rose North

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