Jimmy Gestapo from Murphy’s Law, shot before the advent of color photography.

Veteran hardcore punk bands are an odd thing. I’m thinking about the bands you listened to twenty years ago. The ones where you see their name in the concert listings and think, “They’re still around?”

Those type of bands are just not mainstream enough to land endorsement deals, multi-album recording contracts, or other obvious means of sustainability. It’s almost as if the doggedness and passion of their music carries them through hard years on the road.

Murphy’s Law, the hardcore band formed in 1982, pulls into The Grand Victory tonight (6/24) with just one remaining original member, but with the gravitas of a cultural mainstay. They’ve appeared in one of artist Matthew Barney’s Cremaster movies, and been featured in both Grand Theft Auto IV and Backyard Wrestling 2.

In another generational disconnect, Greenpoint metal institution St. Vitus puts on its grown-up clothes this weekend and hosts, of all things, a metal-themed flea market during the daytime. It’s your chance to engage in a little friendly haggling over the price of a replica blood-stained corpse. DJ Hellspell will establish the ambience.

The Murphy’s crew headlines as part of four acts that start at 7 PM. Tickets are $12 and available here. Here’s some vid that shows Long Island isn’t all full of lame people, based on this crowd at a Murph show there.


For the St. Vitus flea market, the vendors are going to be mostly metal record labels selling albums and merch. The market runs from 2 PM until 6 PM on both Saturday and Sunday (6/25 – 6/26).

If your penchant runs more to electronic music than punk or metal, Intergalactic Gary is DJ’ing The Good Room tonight from 10 PM to 5 AM. He’s been around forever, and has the crates to show for it.

Expect a deep dive into House, Garage, Techno, Acid, and a few surprise genres.

He’s lined up with DJ Overdose and Willie Burns. Performing live will be Cosmic ForceTickets are $10 online or $20 at the door.

Finally, Rainer Maria has come a long way since they were playing for kegs ‘n eggs at U. Wisconsin in ’95. You might even prefer them to other more famous indie rockers like Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill. Now based in Brooklyn, they play Union Pool this Sunday at 8 PM.

Here’s their tune, “Ears Ring,” which made a splash on the indie charts in ’03.

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