Haus, a super energy-efficient four-story condo building in Brooklyn. Photo: Loadingdock5

While affordability is on the tip of everyone’s tongue when it comes to new housing development, energy efficiency has proven to be just as important.

Williamsburg’s Loadingdock5 architectural firm has already erected several buildings in Brooklyn, and soon, one of their most ambitious projects will be complete. Greenpoint’s 152 Freeman Street is set to adhere to the passive house model, decked out with asymmetrical windows and a boxy design.

This seven-unit project began back in 2013, but construction was delayed due to a Department of Buildings energy audit. The design team added to the challenge by setting out to build an energy-efficient building without spending a fortune.

Although energy-efficient buildings are not new to New York City, they are still relatively rare. The city has been trying to promote similar projects with the PlaNYC initiative that has set out to ramp up these sustainable projects through 2030.

According to the city, about 75 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy used in buildings, citing it at about twice the national average.


The Freeman Street project, named Haus, will contain 700 square foot apartments with either a balcony or garden. Tenants will share the rooftop.

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  1. Encasing buildings in styrofoam is totally environmentally sound. We’ll just figure that snafu at a later date.

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