North Brooklyn offers a cozy mecca of studio spaces for artists to work, live in, and Instagram. While the app has earned a reputation for promoting endless boredom check-ins and vanity selfies – plenty of artists are taking advantage of the platform to promote events and shows, document their work in various stages, and link with other like-minded creatives.

I scoured the ‘gram to find my top 8 pick of talented painters in the neighborhood with impressive archives, all for your viewing pleasure.

1. Angel Otero (@oteroso)

Photo courtesy of Instagram @oteroso ©

Angel Otero is a North Brooklyn-based painter from Puerto Rico. His feed boasts large, process-based works that are aesthetically complex and enthralling. His posts are sporadic studio shots that include his prime Brooklyn studio space – a nice voyeuristic advantage to throwing him a follow.


2. Moch Hahn (@mochdidit)

Photo courtesy of ©

Moch Hahn’s feed shows a mixture of “high-brow” fine art, captured wild nights, gallery visits, and subway happenings. His Instagram is kind of like a New York slap-in-the-face, with photos from his photo account @tomorrows_hangover being equally amusing.

3. Eric Inkala (@drinkala)

From the artist’s 2014 show Chaos Complex at Public Functionary in Minneapolis. Erik Inkala ©

Erik Inkala is a self-taught painter who’s originally from Minneapolis. His background in graffiti art is reflected boldly in his paintings. The colorful, monster-like creations he posts are sure to cheer you up on even the coldest days of winter. Pay close attention to the cropped-in detail shots, this guy’s work is CLEAN.

4. Buket Savci (@buketsavci)

Photo courtesy of ©

Buket Savci is a Turkish-born painter and Greenpoint Open Studios participant. Her realistic oil paintings are mixed in with photos of her explorations – be sure to see more of her work on her website!

5. Adam Turnbull (@adam.turnbull)

Photo courtesy of ©

Adam Turnbull is kind of a big deal on the Internet, meaning he’s got over 37k followers for a good reason. His feed is all-killer-no-filler. You will find more funny photographs than images of his work, but he certainly has an eye for bold lines and composition that will keep you scrolling.

6. Isaac Arvold (@artisbad)

Photo courtesy of the artist’s instagram @artisbad ©

Isaac Arvold is a Minnesota-bred, North Brooklyn-based painter with a curated feed of colorful canvases, impressive script work, and gnarly ink-on-paper drawings. This guy makes being a studio artist look like entirely too much fun!

7. Becky Kinder (@becky__kinder)

Photo courtesy of the artist’s Instagram @becky__kinder ©

Becky Kinder was a participant of Bushwick Open Studios, curating Digging: A Group Show, and posts original work as well as other artists’ work. Her painters are soothing and sculptural – a nice vacation for your eyes and brain on a busy day.

8. Andy Cross (@above0below)

Photo Courtesy of ©

Andy Cross is a VCU alumni offering up a feed mostly of original paintings on canvas, galleries, and visits to fellow artist’s studios. For a mini boost of serotonin and laughs, check out the #andycross hashtag!

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