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After a four-alarm fire destroyed three consecutive buildings on Diamond Street last Sunday night, relief efforts are in full force to help the 16 or so people who have been displaced out of their homes, some of whom were forced to run out to the street barefoot.

Anna Sawicka, a nearby resident, has spearheaded the efforts with the help of her sister Magdalena and Edward Sawicki.

“Many of them lost everything in the fire and on top of it they did not speak fluent English and needed translation help (my sister and myself are fully bi-lingual so we were able to help),” she told Greenpointers in an email.

Of the roughly 16 victims that Sawicka is aware of, she believes only two have sought temporary housing, while others have taken up temporary residence with friends.

The Red Cross has been heavily involved, as has the Polish Consulate. Currently, the Red Cross has 14 victims officially registered.


If you’d like to help or donate any items, here’s a list of collection spots.

St. Stan’s Church at 607 Humboldt Street
There will be a collection after mass on Sunday, Feb. 21

Also: donations being taken in the parish house
Every day from 9 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 6:30pm

Needed: Clothing and personal care items, especially winter clothes

2 women aged 25-30 years old – small/medium
1 woman appx. 45 years old – large/extra-large
2 women appx. 70-80 years old – extra-large
5 men appx. 40-60 years old – large/extra-large
Women’s winter shoes, sizes 8.5/9 and 11, for the two elderly ladies

Fundraising happy hour at Lucky Luna Restaurant and Bar, 167 Nassau Avenue
This Sunday, Feb. 21, from 2 -5 pm
Proceeds will go to the residents, and they’ll be collecting clothing, non-perishable food, toiletries, makeup, and monetary donations. They’ll also collect the contact info for anyone offering services such as accounting, real estate/brokerage, insurance, beauty care, child care, translation, etc. for the displaced. 
Charity concert at the Polish Slavic Center, Feb. 28 at 5 pm
Currently being organized by Janusz Sporek.
Jaslowiczanka Bakery at 163 Nassau Ave
One of the original spots where the victims took shelter is now collecting money for the victims (two of whom are employees).
Tony’s Pizzeria at 175 Nassau Avenue
Another spot where people took refuge later that day is collecting money.
Krajan Polish Deli at 160 Nassau Ave
Currently collecting money for the two ladies who work there.
A GoFundMe for Eugenia, one of the elderly victims
And another GoFundMe for the Eisenbachs
The team has been in close touch with 10 of the victims. According to Sawicka, there are roughly six other people who say they don’t need assistance at the moment.

“If they do now, they are welcome to reach out to me anytime,” she said.

To reach Anna, you can email her at or call her at 646-705-2562. Email is preferred.

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