Walt Whitman, the American poet, essayist and Brooklynite, once nobly argued against being consistent and logical all the time:

Do I contradict myself?

Very well then I contradict myself,

I am large, I contain multitudes.

The music scene this weekend is full of contradiction. It features surf rock and New Orleans funk in the dead of winter, and hardcore punk on a banjo.


Weirdness ensues below.

Speaking of weirdness, have you heard about chessboxing? It’s the sport of the future. I read about it here.

Non sequiturs aside, the bands Oberhofer and High Waisted perform their surf-tinged post-punk repertoire at Baby’s All Right tonight (2/4), starting at 8 pm.

Friday night, at The Hall at MP, pianist Davell Crawford treats us to a Big Easy old-time boogie-down. He might be less well-known than other New Orleans legends like Dr. John, but he deserves to be included in the same breath as them. Here’s a sample:

And surprise, Dr. John is playing that same show! He also appears the next night, same place same time (doors open at 8), but with a different opening act lineup.

In case you are not familiar with The Hall at MP, it is located adjacent to the modern Greek restaurant MP Taverna. I think it makes for a great twist on the old “dinner and a movie” type of date: Better to dance off a meal rather than battle the bloat in some cinema seat.

For hardcore punk fans, Show Me The Body is headlining an all-ages show at the Market Hotel in Bushwick. Doors open at 8 pm on Friday. While the band is known for eccentricities like having banjos or subway announcements in their songs, it doesn’t seem forced or pretentious.

We’ll end as we started, quoting dead white men, in this case a gem from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” It’s my favorite way to exit out of a losing argument.

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