Chillwave producer Brothertiger is, technically speaking, based in North Brooklyn. John Jagos, the “man behind the curtain” for the act, lives in Bushwick, and plays some local shows: Next up is Rough Trade on January 30th, where he will perform with Williamsburg-based Teen Commandments.

And he’s sticking close to town over the holidays, where he’s been recording a cover of his favorite album of all time, Tears for Fears’ Songs from the Big Chair, for the Reimagine Music label.

But like most local performers that have taken off nationally, he spends much of his time on the road, and just completed a national tour. As you can see from his photo journey below, there’s beauty to be had outside of Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park and the crowd at Cameo Gallery.We’ll start with a quick jaunt to the South Brooklyn coast:

Brothertiger comment: “Shipwrecked in Brooklyn.” Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography.

. . . before heading straight West to a Colorado high plateau.

Brothertiger played Downtown Artery in Fort Collins, CO

Here are some excerpts of our interview with Brothertiger.

GP: So what are some annoying aspects you’ve discovered about touring?

Brothertiger: I’d say my biggest challenge with touring is trying to eat healthy and stay active. Most of the time is being spent driving, so there aren’t too many opportunities for exercise. My audio tech friend and I are touring together, and we made a promise at the start to avoid fast food at all costs and try to maintain the healthiest diet possible on the road. It gets hard though.

Columbus OH, near the A&R Music Bar

GP: What do you miss or not miss about Bushwick while you are away?

Brothertiger: I mostly miss my friends who live close to me. I miss the vibe. But I also really like being away from it for a while and coming back to it. It’s refreshing.

GP: What can you tell us about the album you released earlier this month, Out of Touch?

Brothertiger: I think it’s the most honest material I’ve made so far, and I think it defines the kind of sound I think I am supposed to make. The sound is a lot brighter and bigger than my previous material.

For more from Brothertiger, here is a 12 punch to show he manages to translate the dream sequence romance of his road photos into a beguiling soundscape.

If you see him around town, welcome him back home.

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