Photo: Driely Schwartz via Racked

As Pope Francis alights upon our city, the New York Times turns its attention to Greenpoint’s own St. Anthony Church, where graffiti, theft, and abuse of holy water bely the sometimes less savory side of embracing the destitute.

Progress for Newtown Creek’s new Kosciuszko Bridge are right on track. Where public development projects are concerned, no news is certainly newsworthy.

New York’s first Polish Dual Language Program has landed at PS34. On the agenda: preserving the neighborhood’s cultural heritage, preparing kids to succeed in English, and raising a class of high-achieving wunderkind.

Ducati lovers, beware. Motorcycle theft has become a trending topic in Williamsburg and Greenpoint as of late.

Punk heartthrob Meredith Graves is totally an honorary citizen of Greenpoint, especially now that she’s the center of a breathtaking photo essay in which she pays lip service to her favorite local haunts.


Java Street is getting a new Italian outpost this Saturday. It’s called Naked Dog, and only because the owner’s beagle hates collars. Get your mind out of the gutter.

What exactly is it that you do again? Local Sustainability Coaches talk about all the neat ways they’re teaching students to think about our planet’s future.

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