From 11:30 p.m. until close, Greenpoint Heights, with its spacious, summery backyard, has got you covered for greasy late night bar food snacks. When you’re hungry late at night, drunkenly consult your Google Maps and stumble past McGolrick on your way to this most relaxed of backyards.

Here at Greenpoint Heights, under the light of the full moon, when you are howling for grease and fat, you will find our friend the wing. The wing, which has given sustenance to many a poor sports fan, graduate student and food-is-an-afterthought barfly, is basically required at any neighborhood bar. Greenpoint Heights’ buffalo wings are $6.00 for half a dozen and $12.00 for a dozen. During happy hour, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day, wings are half-off, at 50 cents apiece.


We found them a bit on the saucy side, but maybe that will be your favorite thing about them when you are drunk from too many deliciously sweet-and-sour Greenpoint Heights lemonades. They did provide us with wetnaps but we are slobs so we just kept eating and moved on to the next basket of grease.


Usually, chips are an afterthought to their more popular friend guacamole (guacamole hogging being the cause of all those not-so-subtle, scheming food wars at Super Bowl parties — you know it and I know it because we’ve both strategically positioned ourselves nearest to the guacamole).

Here, the chips arrived hot and freshly fried, like at Chi-Chi’s Faux Mexican restaurant. The guacamole was flecked with chili powder and topped with radishes. In the Drunkpointers mind,  that is a win. More chili powder please, because we like painful hangovers. More aguacate too, because guacamole can never have enough chunkiness. Chips and guac are $8.00.


The fries we had were Micky D’s style, which is always good. They were flecked with something that was not truffle salt (that was also good). I think parsley. I like them a little more crisped but my friend and I enjoyed them nonetheless, and their lightness did not require much work from a drunk person with no hand-eye coordination. I think I ate them five at a time, if I remember correctly. They are $4.00 and lasted more than five minutes, so in drunk math that means we accomplished something.

I know you are about to pooh-pooh the next photo. A kale salad, really? On a late-night drunk menu? But seriously though, this is basically a cheese salad with some kale. The kale was marinated and maybe massaged by big, strong hands. Because it was really soft. And isn’t that what counts in a kale salad?


Be ready to take some of this $10.00 salad home and wonder in your stupor the next morning where you got it, because it is massive.


Last but not least, we both had fish tacos. If you get there earlier than 11:30 on weekdays and midnight on weekends, the full menu is available for you. That includes pulled pork, fish tacos, portabello and ricotta toast, burgers and veggie burgers, grilled sweet corn, farro salad, skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, and a chicken tender sandwich. We had fun with these, which are breaded and come with slaw.

Lest we neglect the thing that got you to this place of desperate hungriness, Greenpoint Heights’ happy hour until 8:00 p.m. is excellent, with $2.00 off drafts, $4.00 off wells, $5.00 Bloody Marys and $6.00 lemonades. That happy hour rings twice on Thursdays, when it happens again from midnight to close.

On Mondays, burgers and veggie burgers are $9.00 all day, and on Tuesdays, Millers are $2.00. Wednesdays are trivia and Thursdays are $3.00 fish tacos. Come say goodbye to summer and hello to what you do all fall and winter, i.e. drinking and eating and arguing the merits of spending half your income on drinking and eating, at Greenpoint Heights.

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