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**August 5, 2015 deadline**

“Because it’s summer and everyone is thinking about vacation,” writes Mickey Boardman, editorial director of Paper Magazine, what better time than the present to guest curate a travel-themed show at ROOT Studios in Williamsburg?

“Almost anyone with a decent eye can take a great travel photo, whether it’s at the beach in Montauk or the ruins of Machu Picchu,” Boardman explains. “So a travel theme seems like something everyone can feel good about.”

Are you a New York City-based photographer? Find out how you can submit photos to ROOT’s open call for the #WORKinPROGRESS show.


And, there you have it: just e-mail your short bio, website link, and ten images to workinprogress (at) rootnyc.com by Wednesday, August 5th. But, to give you more insight, we recently caught up with Boardman to ask him some important questions:

Greenpointers: What are you going to be looking for?

Mickey Boardman: I’m looking for photos that make me bitterly jealous that I’m not at that very spot right this minute.

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GPers: What elements make a travel photograph compelling?

MB: The same things for any type of photo: composition, light, and capturing a compelling moment.

GPers: Is there a contemporary travel photographer whose work our readers should definitely check out?

MB: I’m obsessed with Holiday Magazine so anyone who works with them is worth knowing.

GPers: What are some of the challenges facing travel photographers right now?

MB: All photographers face the challenges that the media world is going through. Everything is changing and photographers need to be nimble and adapt. They’re more likely to have their work discovered on Instagram than through a website or agent.

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